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  1. airbusfxr

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    Leikites set to retire and Mitch to take over the wheel. This guy is another 2 morrow crew and you know his buddy. Now ups is totally run by outsiders. This was a public service anouncement.
  2. airbusfxr

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    I bet Casey is spinning in his grave. Another outsider running the airline. Are there no package people that want these positions?
  3. brownedout

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    While I agree about the II Morrow reference, and the jab at CEO Davis; plus admitting I have zero knowledge of the air operation. After reading the press release the man certainly has put in his time at the company, and seems to be completely qualified. JMO
  4. airbusfxr

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    I bet the pilot boss wonders why he got passed over. That's ok a mechanic running the airline, maybe that's all ups needed years ago.
  5. pretzel_man

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    Not sure how many here know mitch... He is a good man.
  6. pretzel_man

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    That's funny....

    Casey picked an outsider to be the second company CEO. He hired George Smith who was a CPA and George eventually took over for Jim.
  7. airbusfxr

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    It's just funny that 2 airline mechanics run UPSINC and UPSCO.
  8. cessnafixer

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    But the question is, where they ever union mechanics?