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Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by dipneezy, Aug 24, 2011.

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    hey guys im new to here and UPS. i recently had an offer to me to come work for you guys as a FULL TIME ROAD DRIVER?? im reading all these posts and getting the feeling i was maybe mislead by my interviewer. would i be going to work every day? or am i waiting on a call to come in to work? i thought i would go in every day. and he said i would pretty much be filling in for someone on vacation or what not for the first 6 months. but there is always work to do rails if i dont go on a run.. so what am i getting myself into here? i wanna give my boss 2 weeks notice. as i drive now and get paid hourly 17.65 + OT. thanks guys any info would be appreciated.. even anything i should know before i go ahead and commit.
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    if you're not guaranteed steady work, stay with your old job!
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    harrisburg is one of the largest if not the largest hub in the network, you should be alright . ups freight pays top wage compared to alot of other companys, i would put your 2 weeks in tomorrow morning . $17 an hr is avg pay for driver , but $27 thats a good wage !!! take the risk .........GOOD LUCK !
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    As stated HRS is a huge terminal, no matter if your on the extra board fill board or have a bid run I would say its a safe bet that you'll be working. Id say you would most likely get 3-4 days during the winter to cover extra runs and people taking days off.
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    wow thanks guys i appreciate it.. i did put my notice in and just waiting on corporate approval as they tell me.. all my paperwork came back clean. background check pee test, etc... so just waiting on that corporate approval thing.. and he said i could start as soon as the 6th of sept. i guess i have to do that 40 hour course or what not. but im excited!!! i was a little nervous at first but you guys and all the other forums helped set my mind at ease. thanks again....


    how does all that stuff work? extra and fill and bid board? im sure they will explain when i get there but i figured id ask to get an idea before i get there. or if you know any tricks to get ahead!! im ready to drive and make me some money!!
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    How are things working for you now?

    How are things working for you now?
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    If you were hired to be a full time driver, you have to do your 30 qualifying. So for 6 weeks you have to work hard and follow all the proper procedures. This includes all safe work methods.... and no accidents. You disqualify automatically with any infraction such as an accident or having missed pieces, multiple customer concerns and misdeliveries. Once you qualify, you will start as a cover driver. Driving routes for others that are sick, on vacation or have a personal day..... this does not mean that you will have a route to drive every day.... but you are supposed to be guaranteed 8 hours worth of work every day.... if they cant find 8 hours worth of work for you, i believe they still have to pay you for 4 even if you dont work. FYI, our top scale is $30.91 hr and $46 hr ot, not uncommon to make $1600 week.
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    That top rate may be for parcel but not for freight. .61 per mile for road drivers, top rate. $24.40 for local drivers (top rate), as of 12/1/2011.