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    Ok we had a driver quit! They put his route up for bids but we were told only unasigned drivers can sign for it because the routes just got bidded on. And you can't bid on another route till 6 months. WTF!
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    If you signed a bid, then turned it down after finding out more information about it, like me. Then yes, they will say you're not allowed to sign a bid for 6 months. Did you sign it?
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    Sign it anyway.
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    We could sign any route bid regardless. Sounds like the center management group doesn't want to go through a possible bidding process over multiple routes.
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    Sign it. Can't hurt.
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    Sign, then file.
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    Read your supplement and see what it says. In my area that would be BS if it up for bid anyone can bid it....

    Your SUP are saying this because they don't want to have to train people again. One guy move than that route opens another guy bids on the route and his route opens, ETC

    SIGN THE BID if you want the job. If your one with the most seniority that signs the bid and they don't give you the job. FILE a GRIEVANCE
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    File then sign it....wait..
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    Cart before the horse?
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  13. Wally

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    How long has the driver that quit been on this route?
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    What difference does this make?

    The route should be put up for bid with only those drivers lower in seniority than the driver who quit allowed to bid on it. The center just completed their bids so if anyone higher would have wanted it they would have taken it at that time. It would not be fair to allow everyone to bid on it---just those lower in seniority and any unassigned drivers.
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    Only allowing lower seniority people to bid sounds nice but where is that allowed in the contract?
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    I have no idea but this is how it is done in my center so it may be covered by the supplement. We had a similar situation only this time it was a package car driver going to feeders during a bid cycle. Everyone below this driver in seniority was allowed to rebid based on this opening.
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    We bidded for life in our Local.
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    Quoting the OP's original post.