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    So I have a couple ?...been technically hired in since Nov.2, started actually driving on the 3rd, been on road for only 8 days since. Still getting used to route; especially residentials. Last day I worked I had 2 businesses I did not see in my DIAD; already behind in getting my pickups, but am at one when sup calls and says go get these before they close. I leave to do them, got one but not the other. Go back to pickup and they are closed. Can they let me go for missing the pickup? Got in super late too because I had to finish the residentials still. Haven't worked since, but peak is here now. Think they'll bring me in? Could they potentially just use me as a helper if I'm not used to my route yet, or will they put me out there and deal with it even if I'm getting done later than I should? I kept being told "don't worry about the scratch sheet, just do the best you can." Does this hold true, or just BS? Also, as seasonal, am I eligible for unemployment after I'm let go after peak? More to follow if necessary. Thx for listening and I await anyone's reply.
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    I say they will throw you right back out there because you are a body and can half way do the job

    Will they keep you now that's another thread
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    Holy lack of formatting Batman. New paragraphs are your friend.
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    Yeah I know. Just venting and looking for some input.
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    RonBurgandy?????????? God is Great, beer is good , People are crazy.

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    So if I get in later than I should because of what they think I should have the route finished by, don't sweat it? I'm really trying out there and running my :censored2: off to get it done within "their limits". Been a workhorse all my life and I just don't want them to think I'm not, ya know.
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    Run your ever loving ass off for the next month. [​IMG]
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    Safety first! No package is worth an accident or injury though. Guess we'll see what transpires.
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    Could or would they put me on as a helper instead if they don't think I can do the route to their standards?
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    As far as unemployment compensation goes, that depends on your state's rules/regulations.
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    Just do your best and let the chips fall where they may. You're a warm body. You will be used as they see fit thru peak
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    I've only seen seasonals called in as helpers when approaching their 60 hours.
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    Got my best advice from another shop steward in the hub when I started....."Deliver air on time and don't miss a pickup." You blew one already grasshopper. No to unemployment you won't be here long enough to qualify for it. Good luck to you.
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    If you are hired as a seasonal...chances are you signed a form acknowledging that after January, you would no longer work for UPS. Therefore, how the hell would you be eligible for unemployment? So, if I take a part-time holiday temp job at the mall wrapping gifts, I can apply for unemployment after Christmas??
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    Weird thing is that there is a notice posted that refers to less than PT employees might be eligible. Just wondering...