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    Good Morning all,

    Just signed up and waiting on Integrad assignment. Just wanted to say hello and thank to everyone who posted (search bar is your friend!) regarding shoes and trucks lifehacks that will make the gig easier.
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    Me mod , you not .
  3. Good morning, welcome to UPS - I’ve been here one week with the same driver, and after finding out that they top out at 40.33, well...let’s just say my heart is set on driving.

    Quick question- did the truck you qualified in have a standard shifter or was it one of those newer automatics? I’m debating on buying a clunker shifter truck to practice with so that I’m not a total noob with a shifter when it’s test time, provided I’m lucky enough to ever test.
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    They are moving away from manual transmissions, but there are some still floating around. Better to go ahead and get some practice.