new SSR needs insight


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hey all,
I got my offer to be a sales support representative last week and I am looking forward to my start date, next monday. I was just curious what I can expect from my first dew weeks as a UPS employee. I am assuming there will be plenty of signatures and decisions about benefits and things of that nature. I have a feeling I'm not going to jump right in, get my territory and clients and learn to sell.
I was also wondering what tests i will take. more aptitude tests? physical tests? drug tests? sales tests?
I'm located in the north east and i'm just trying to get a feel for what i can expect. I'm real excited to join such a great company!


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You will most likely be overwhelmed with manuals, training and information overload.

The best advice I can give, it to use your communications skills to listen, and ask questions.

Package operations can and will give your opportunities to secure new business for UPS. Make sure you follow up on all sales leads for your area.

It is a very competitive sales world out there, listen to your supervisor or manager, be professional at all times with UPS customers and co workers.

Good Luck and welcome to Brown Cafe