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  1. cb1994cup

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    I applied for a 4am to 9am shift i was told it would be earlier but not 4 hours and 15 minutes early do i have options. I have a fulltime day job i am just a seasonal employee hoping for permanent part time. WTF
  2. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    You could ask to start at 4a.m. but I doubt you will get anywhere. Remember- it is only a couple more weeks. Perhaps you can manage. If not, choose the job that benefits you most. Good luck to you. I wanted to get this in before all the meanies start hammering you.
  3. I would try and talk to your management team.
  4. cb1994cup

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    i hear you tks
  5. Gumby

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    You took away,all of the fun!
  6. PT Car Washer

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    Since you are seasonal maybe they will let you come in at 4:00 AM. Still lots of work to do and I doubt if you are in a critical position.
  7. What'dyabringmetoday???

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    I am pretty tough on a certain individual, but many people are very tough on the "newbies". (Sorry for wrecking it)
  8. Gumby

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    Guess I will just have to crack another beer.
  9. upsbeernut

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    Its a break in period with critical crap , slash initiation period upstate gave me a taste.
  10. browner89

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    Most centers gradually move the start time back through the week, the 11:45 may only be for Sunday night/Monday morning then by Friday it may be closer to 2am.

    This is the absolute busiest time of the year though for the worlds biggest shipping company, its a pretty hectic time. If you want it to become a permanent PT job (the hours are much much shorter the rest of the year in most hubs, 4-5 hours a day, maybe 2-4 hours of OT per week, then you just need to suck it up in all likelihood, its only for the next 3-4 weeks then it will start going back to normal.

    I generally averaged about 25-27 hours a week as I start as the building begins operations and stick around til all irregs are loaded, 25-27 is a lot in my building during the non-peak season, the norm is probably 20-22 non-peak.

    Almost everyone doubled that time easily this week and will probably continue to do 40+ up until Christmas.
  11. joeboodog

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    Life is full of choices. I don't want to sound like a "meanie," but you are a seasonal employee trying to be permanent. They may try to accommodate you but that may lessen your chances on becoming permanent. Right now they need everybody. In three weeks, not so much.
  12. bleedinbrown58

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    You're seasonal...if you're interested in becoming permanent, you show up when told and don't complain.... It's only for a couple of weeks. Chances are you'll be sent home by 4am anyway...if your building is anything like mine. Seasonals are wedges to plug attendance holes and to help handle the initial flow...many rarely work a full shift.
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  13. UpstateNYUPSer

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    While the OP does have a point, I am sure that someone along the way explained to him that the hours would vary during Peak and that he may be asked to start a lot earlier as volume dictates. He can either choose to comply or look for employment elsewhere.
  14. UnsurePost

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    Who said it was a "he"?
  15. cb1994cup

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    appreciate all the comments, Thanks, i am defenitly going to give it a go, i will have to see if 4 hours a sleep a night works. Maybe go from day job right to UPS parking lot and sleep in car, how far am i willing to go, it is only for 3 weeks. Wish me luck an best of all to the others going thru the same thing.
  16. Gumby

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    Thats what I did ,when I first started. Worked at UPS 11.30 PM. TILL 430 AM. drove to my second job and would sleep n the parking lot. Make sure you have a blanket and an alarm clock.
  17. McGee

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    Yup, they will probably use you as a floater.... there are a couple that do that on my line...
  18. Number24

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    I advise you to just push the hours through. This must be your first peak season? Expect to come in earlier in December. Think about it; the earlier you work the more money you'll rack + there is only a few more weeks of peak and you'll be having your 4-9 AM shift back afterwards.
  19. platinum9898

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    That's the night shift, they want you to do a double. You have no obligation to do it. Come at 4
  20. PT Car Washer

    PT Car Washer Well-Known Member

    Not necessarily. Many preloads start hours earlier if their building configuration will allow it. My building is also a hub so it is not possible to work both sorts at the same time.