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Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by dmanintx, Apr 22, 2007.

  1. dmanintx

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    Hello. I am scheduled for a facility tour tommorrow for a package handler position. This would be a second job for me. I worked PT, as a second job, for the USPS for 5 years so working two jobs is not new to me. Is this something that I should make them aware of? I would like them to take notice of my work ethic and that I have done similar type work before... I just didn't know if there is any hard feelings towards people who used to work for a competitor?

    Also, on my confirmation for the appointment it just says that there will be a facility tour and then a chance to speak with an HR rep. Is this just an initial screening and if they like what they see they call you back for a true interview?

    I've been reading a lot of posts on the site and there is a lot of great info on here. Thanks for any info you can provide me with.
  2. trickpony1

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    I wouldn't tell them you work for USPS.
    It's none of their business.
    what they don't know won't hurt them.
  3. 705red

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    Rookie you dont have to impress them, the usps is nothing compared to what you will be doing when you start. You also said theres alot of great info on this site, do you recall where you saw that?
  4. dmanintx

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    Thanks. I don't work for USPS any longer. I was just mentioning that I did work there for 5 years as a second job and was wondering if that would be a good or bad thing to UPS?

  5. tups

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    You mean after reading the posts here you still want a job at UPS?
  6. scratch

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    I wouldn't worry about who you used to work for. You are not currently working for a competitor, so there should be no problem putting that on a resume. In fact, we do business with the USPS, its not like it used to be. Good Luck with your tour, make sure you show up on time.
  7. Harry Manback

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    That't the way it usually works. They may call you that day, they might call you 2 months later. I had almost forgot that I applied when one day out of the blue, they called. One thing about the tour, they're gonna build it up to be the most miserable job on the planet, but it's really not that bad. Guess that just helps weed out all the non-hackers early in the game before the go through the trouble of putting them on the payroll. Should you get the position, try and keep the mindset that nothing they can throw at you, can beat you and you'll do just fine.
  8. dmanintx

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    Scratch and Harry,

    Thanks very much for the info... it is appreciated.
  9. RockyRogue

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    The first time I was hired, I was interviewed and asked to sign paperwork authorizing a background check. I signed and was told, "A week, maybe two, depending on when these paper's get faxed." I shrugged and left. I was getting ready to start looking for other options when the phone rang. The person asked a couple questions and after answering those, asked if I would tour the hub. I said, "Uhhh...I did that already." She said, "What?" I answered, "I toured on X date, spoke to X at the same time. He asked I give UPS two weeks to decide whether or not to hire me before booking this trip I'm planning on taking." She said, "Uhhh...could you hold one second?" I said sure and she went looking for something. Came back and said, "Yes, OK, I found your paperwork. It came back clean. I'm going to post-it note this to X since she's out of the office on lunch. She'll call you back." I said OK and hung up. That person called me back about an an hour later, got the voicemail and said, "X, we'd like to start you on X date. Please, call us if this isn't going to work for you and/or to confirm you will be there." UPS has a slight problem with communication, by the way, friend. My second time being hired, I got two calls, one each from two different HR representatives. Good luck being hired! -Rocky
  10. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    Your story sounds like something that begins with "cluster...." :thumbup1:
  11. clockrider

    clockrider brown did nothing 4 me

    I thought only my district was messed up like that. I applied in May. They "lost" my paperwork. After the friend who referred me kept asking why i had never been called and they constantly had openings in the building, did they call me in November. I had to complete the paperwork again. That was 16 years ago.
  12. RockyRogue

    RockyRogue Agent of Change

    LOL...UPS is a straange beast, Trick. That communication breakdown was their last, save for the school transfer I've posted on. Someone dropped the ball on that one. HR forgot about my request til I asked about it.

    I think it depends on the district. I had a problem here in Denver where I was offered the job but they forgot about me lol. I called HR and they were clawing for helpers. I took that instead. -Rocky
  13. fruitloop1972

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    I am in the Colorado Springs area and a UPS driver in my area was telling me about a Feeder Driver position in the Springs area that would entail route from and to Denver. I have looked on the UPS site and was unable to find a job of this type listed. I saw your post mentioned Denver so I was hoping you might have some insight on this position?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.