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Discussion in 'Introductions and Welcomes' started by lfilizet, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. lfilizet

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    I just started a new position in UPS in Inside Sales but I am missing Operations-used to be a OMS. I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice on how to make this transition easier. I am just not used to having to wear monkey suits and deal with so many people compared to wear I come from
  2. DS

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    Selling ups is a hard job.
    Concentrate on small companies with daily volume.
    Ride with drivers that have sales leads instead of following up.
    Take care of your customers.
    Keep checking if google is hiring.
  3. lfilizet

    lfilizet New Member

    thank you... I am trying. Been at it since Aug. I am aware of drivers side... I think its all been harder since I come from a small town and now I am in a big city...LOL
  4. Gumby

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    Wear high heels and a short skirt like the Fedex rep!!!