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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by jobmann, May 16, 2006.

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    has anybody heard this??? got a letter from teamsters seem worried
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    Jobmann.....if you go way back into the Archives of Browncafe

    under UPS discussions on page 20 there is a thread entitled "A.P.W.A."

    You can read all about it there.
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    NEAT! You must be well versed on how to use teh intranet!
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    Is there any POSSIBLE way they are as bad as the one we have now????:confused:1
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    Guys this UNION is FOR REAL. We will get OUR Pension back to better than it was before. Union dues will DECREASE and benefits will be better. I am a founding charter member. If any of the founding charter members are not satisfied with the leadership in the APWA they have the right and authority to kick them out for life. You will also be represented by this UNION EVEN if you aren't a member. And yes the Teamsters are getting nervous. why do you think they are wanting ALL OF A SUDDEN to start talks with UPS this early. That has never happened this early before in the past. There are new members signing up in just about every center. check out the web site mentioned above..

    Did you know that the TEAMSTERS allowed for an illegal contract with UPS. Any contract that is more than 3 years with a labor company or UNION is illegal unless agreed upon between both parties. A 6 year contract should have never been even thought of. Our Teamsters UNION illegally raised UNION dues without the vote of it's members. there are MANY MANY other things that I found out the TEAMSTERS have done and are doing that are wrong. DON't just take my word for it. Check it out for yourself.
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    hollerhead you talk tough but big bussiness call the shots.All unions are under siege.I do not think for a sec that a new union is going to make UPS get every thing that it wants from UPS.
    The days of strong unions are over , globalization of the worlds economy NAFTA and so on have made sure of that.
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    Fredless, I was trying to make a long post very short. there is a lot that I didn't say to keep from boring you guys. The general membership WILL also have the right to unseat someone, through the Founding Charter members. Founding charter members also can be dethroned. At any time. Not just during elections.
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    So where does this new union get money for it's retirees? You would need billions of dollars just to get started, and if you just started accumulating a pension fund today, it would be decades before it would become viable. I doubt the Teamsters would just hand over half their pension fund to a new union.
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    Ain't gonna happen....while many often express distrust, dissastifaction, or any other dis- word regarding the current union representation. There are too many varying opinions held by too many to enable an untested, untried, unorganized union to come in and sway the general membership to flee in masses. So go ahead, plot, plan or whatever if it keeps you busy and makes you happy. But it just ain't gonna happen. MHO
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    You guys are promising the world to us. I'm sure UPS would LOVE to see this conflict between us.

    What I'm obviously blind is this...or maybe people don't just talk the talk in my local, they walk the walk too. If theres a problem, we voice our opinion and the B/A and Stewards listen.

    I think this is just another thing the corporate world and republicans would LOVE to see. I think Hoffa made a very stupid move when he took his marbles and went home about the whole AFL-CIO split. This is got to be labor's darkest hour since the turn of the century. All the APWA has to offer now is WORDS and thats not going to cut it for me. The days of pensions paying for everything are LONG gone. My father worked for Eastern Airlines for 34 years and his pension which was supposed to be around 3k a month is now paid for by the government ...which he gets around 500 a month. He's told me since I've got out of high school, DO NOT rely on pensions. PAY FOR YOUR OWN retirement...anyone who is to BLIND to not take care of themselves is a fool. The guys retiring in 5-10 years at least have a blip of hope to draw social security. Take a look around your buildings at all the 21-30 year olds there. You think we're going to get a dime?
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    I believe you misspelled your own username. It should read "hollowhead". You will thank me later. :wink:
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    That is funny, I had a preloader who went by the name HOLLOWHEAD...
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    Re: LOL!!!

    I can see I won;t be using this forum any more. I don't know why I even bothered. You guys are NO DIFFERENT than half of the guys at the center that I work at. Every DAY I go to work and someone is crying about how bad we have it as a UPS employee, and yet those SAME CRY BABIES keep showing up to work every day and filing their senseless grievences, just to be filing something. If you have a GRIEVENCE that is valid FILE IT, don;t get me wrong.

    Those same guys have the attitude that the UNION runs the company. It shouldn;t be that way. What's sad is that in most centers it the UNION does. A handful of guys just doing enough to get by each day and 3 or 4 other guys in the same loop getting the brunt of the work. But NO the Company can't fire the loafer because the UNION has his back. guys it shouldn't be that way.

    I am not being a UNION basher. I am being a TEAMSTER BASHER. In case most of you have forgotten the TEAMSTERS sold most of us out beginning with the last contract.

    I personally don;t think any of you should have taken what I said as a personal ATTACK on anyone. I certainly didn;t deserve the personal attack you gave me. It;s funny you guys can be real BRAVE when in cyberspace, but I bet you are real cowards in person. NOW go get your UNION steward to watch your back, WON't You?????

    This forum SUCKS. Should have known when it said UPS workers.
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    Perhaps you should define the term "loafer".

    Is loafer the person who has come to the realization that the more they do the more the company will expect?
    Is loafer the person who is tired of giving the company their lunch which, by the way, figures out to around $4000 a year?
    Is loafer the person who has come to the realization that their body isn't going to last forever so maybe they should start conserving now?
    Is loafer the person who knows that when they no longer can do the job due to age and/or repetitive use injuries then the comapny will get rid of them?
    Is loafer the person that is tired of being brow beat, made an example of and perhaps threatened because they don't get on their truck an hour early (off the clock) to sort the load and then "run and gun" all day?
    Is loafer the person who doesn't gauge his/her self worth by how good a job they did that day?

    Just something to think about.
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    Wow.... well thanks for the 4 posts you gave us and enjoy your life. You are giving up a bit eary are you not? I mean who here really cares if you stay or leave? The good thing about this board is we are all different and will not agree with each other on all posts. I like the drama on this board and enjoy the chats I have with most of the people on this forum. I am only a partimer and a short-timer at that and I am not sure what to think of the union but I like the people I work with and I like what I do. Good luck to you Hollerhead.
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    Reading some of these posts its not real hard to firure what generation some of you people are from.:w00t:
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    Oops, before someone jumps on me, had a typo, spelled figure wrong. I am so sorry.:lol: :lol:
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    What generation am I from?
    I've probably been around as long, if not longer, than you.
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