New Video! Was the last Contract a Dumpster Fire?


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I consider those guys scabs.
You should not get the rights, protections and benefits of the Union member and not pay the price
Couldnt agree more.I was very vocal about the scabs in my building.
We cant name people here can we? otherwise i;d post the name of one scab that i used to be certain to find out which Supe working grievances he had and file on them as well.I had seniority and would get paid
The worst ones are the ones who say they don’t want to join and then want to file 9.5 and other such grievances.
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I think the Company is going to play hardball figuring the Government will step in and stop a strike
The Government only stepped in and stopped them in their tracks because there is a law that was passed in 1926 that allowed it. There is no such law for UPS or parcel services. I do not think that the gov’t can step in, in our case. However I’m no expert.


offending people on the internet since 1995
Ha! Yeah by the end of July we might have half the RPCDS on working termination because we are in a no win situation with forced sixth punch. That’s what they think of us now!
Intent to Term is nothing but a scare tactic. This company has no leadership,just Fear and Intimidation tactics