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    Greeting from East Texas ya'll!:funny: My name is Jonathan Key, most just call me J. I am a loader in Tyler, Texas and have been around for about 14 months. I was previously a restaurant general manager for 10 years but got burnt out and will never go back. As hard as UPS may be sometimes, it is WAY better than being in the Foodservice business. People are more picky now days about what they eat than who they will sleep with!:disgusted:

    I know it is a long road, but I would like to work my way up from the bottom to be able to drive. I just found this site today and have already learned more here about UPS than from actually working there over the past year!:crazy:

    I look forward to being around!:happy2:
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    Welcome to Brown Cafe, J!
    Looking forward to your posts!
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    Welcome to BC. Hope you enjoy what you read and find some topics interesting enough to comment on. Looking forward to your future posts.:peaceful:
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    You may change your views about UPS when Theresa transfers to the preload on the 24th.

    When you decide you cant stand her anymore let us know and we will see if we can find you a spot on the local sort.