Newhire & UPS Freight


Hey folks. I have just been hired as a full-time city PU&D driver at the Romulus, Michigan hub. To say the least, I am surprised that a full-time driver position was available to an outsider such as myself (fuel hauler). I know that UPS brown is union IBT, and that the wages, benefits, etc. differ (to some degree) from the separate business entity UPS Freight, for whom I will start working for on October 8th.

I am pleased to have found an unbiased discussion community solely dedicated to UPS, UPS Freight, and their employees in this website. I am posting to see if anyone can give any well appreciated advice or answers to a few of the following inquiries.

• How many hours can I expect to work per week, and what days are commonly off-days?

• What is the mean city P&D driver annual salary, meaning lowest earning possibility to the highest earning possibility for first year drivers at UPSF?

• What is the likelyhood of UPS Freight becoming unionized company-wide within the next 5-10 years, and what repercussions would this bring about?

• How difficult is it to transfer from one state to another state that UPS Freight has a terminal in and be placed full-time immediately?

• If I decided later in the long run to go for a UPS Brown Feeder position, would experience at UPS Freight help? I realize that transfers are not possible because the two are completely separate companies, but if I applied for the feeder driver position, would UPSF driving on my resume and work history help me land the position?

Any insight to these inquiries would be most helpful and appreciated.
Thanks- Grego