NEWS FLASH! Jarrett To Drive Big Brown Truck After 2003'!

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by wkmac, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. wkmac

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    Appears he may have no choice. Found this little tidbit on the net.

    " Next season could be the last season for Ford's NASCAR Taurus, and it is unclear so far what car-model logo Ford might use on its NASCAR cars."
  2. upsdude

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    He aint driving my truck till he stops crashn the race car!

    Seriously though, with Nascar going towards common templates, car make will have little influence. Tear away the body and they all look alike.
  3. wkmac

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    Late last year, all the garage talk was that NASCAR would test new rules at this year's fall Talledaga race (few weeks away) with a possible new common template but also a bigger "greenhouse" car that might allow NASCAR to get rid of the dreaded restrictor plate. Appears this to be premature but they continue work on the common template. Even Toyota and possibily Volkswagon will enter NASCAR WC/Busch if this this happens. Toyota is already in the NASCAR Goody's Dash series and is expected to enter the Craftsman Truck series by 2005' as they develop their V-8 engine program.

    Also NASCAR is looking hard at the Hispanic market and with IRL going to Mexico next year I'd not be surprised to see NASCAR follow suit. Also don't be surprised to see NASCAR look again at Japan as time goes by. Remember, they've been there before and England also now has a Superspeedway, I believe at or near Santa Pod so UPS might get some international exposure from DJ and the #88 bunch! Marketing goals and dynamics have proven fruitful for the NASCAR venture and international venues only enhance the value of this investment.

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    when Dale's time is up with UPS I hope they make a commercial and let him drive the big brown truck I think it would be really fun, because I think these are some of the best commercial's on the tube now, anyone who sees them has to laugh at how cute they are.