News From Florida..... Start SAVING your MONEY!!! 03-22-13

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by anonymous6, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. anonymous6

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    just heard from negotiations.( from impeccable source ). not good. still stalled.

    from the top: tell your members to prepare for the worse. quote " start saving your money"

    for all of you that said a strike was near impossible............ wishful thinking
  2. over9five

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    No offense my friend, but I can't remember a single contract year ever where they didn't at some point say "It's not looking good, save your money".
  3. Brownslave688

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    I've been telling people forever. No one is informed though. They all look at me say yeah ok and walk on.

    This is how we end up with crap contracts. No one can afford or is willing to prepare for the time off.

    Out of all the people I've told one person thanked me and started saving I think.

    FAVREFAN Member

    I'm part-time. Can't tell you how many 22.3's in my building who said they'd cross the lines if we went on strike. They are the weakest link.
  5. Notcool

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    Love a strike Im broke pter anyway be a nice vacation
  6. Boysie8706

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    What's the news?
  7. Brownslave688

    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    22.3 are usually the laziest employees also. Hope I dont offend any 22.3 workers I hope to get a 22.3 job eventually but ups would probably just assume they stay on the picket line.

    I don't understand how anyone would immediately cross the picket line. After a few weeks I certainly understand how someone could be hurting and need to work. Immediately no excuse though.
  8. UnsurePost

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    Agree 100%. The drivers are usually the least intellectual, also.
  9. oldupsman

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    Of the 4 centers in my building 11 drivers crossed the line the 1st day, 5 more up in feeders in 97. Of course they were shunned when we came back.
    But only for awhile. Eventually it was all forgotten. Not to mention how many guys wanted a chance to vote on the first proposal where UPS offered 3000
    a month pension. Get ready. You'll be surprised how many guys want absolutely nothing to do with a strike. Oh and by the way, there were some locals in
    parts of the country that never shut down in 97. Mostly in the south.
  10. rudy5150

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    Its time to start slowing down brothers and sisters. Work safe and follow all methods. Hit these greedy b**sds where it hurts most!
  11. balland chain

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    Solidarity!! That is how we can send a strong message.. we all need to spread the word. This contract is so important, we need to let the junior drivers know to save their extra cash, and not give in to the company that is giving us an unfair contract.. It is very scary to imagine going a few weeks without a paycheck, but we can no longer give them the kitchen sink. Each contract we have given something up, well now that they have milked us dry, and the higher expectations they have of us justify a fair and equitable contract..
  12. bellesmom

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    Yep you offended a 22.3 but don't worry, there won't be any 22.3 jobs around by the time you want it.
  13. stink219

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    Not in our building. We had 3 guys cross. They quit within 2 weeks after we went back. That's all I'll say on the subject.
  14. East coast navy

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    where you a nj or a pa driver.
  15. 728ups

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    Big words from a non hacker .Those who cant do the job are usually the first to insult those who can. there's a good fellow!
  16. anonymous6

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    i just reported what the email stated.

    i guess i just wasted my time. hardly anyone at my hub seems to care either. atlanta is reading these threads and drooling .just as our old BA used to say..."you guys are your own worse enemy."
  17. UnsurePost

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  18. InsideUPS

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    You may want to advise them to check their car insurance. : )

  19. ocnewguy

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    Real mature.
  20. brown_trousers

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    Broken car vs a broken contract.... ill vote for the broken car anyday