News rules for NRA making it easier to Unionize

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upsguy72, May 10, 2010.

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    Interesting. Almost seems to invalidate the need for the much talked about UPS push to reclassify Fedex workers? I suspect that UPS lobbying and influence had a significant part in this.
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    I'm pretty happy about it myself. This way Smith loses either way. He's probably having a seizure over it right now and will undoubtedly blame the "conspiracy". I will happily sign my card directly under my manager's nose. SCREW YOU FRED!!!
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    This is a big win but only a small step towards what we would like to see. ALl this change does is not count the votes that where not cast as no votes.

    We would like to see building by building organizing of FedEx where it would be easier to unionize lets say a FedEx in Chicago. This way others could see what these workers got in a union negotiated contract which would encourage more to join in right to work states.

    As it is now we would still have to have all FedEx employees vote across the Nation and count those votes which would be hard to win because of right to work states etc.

    Its a long way from Over and the batlle if far from done.
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    I'm not bashing you. It is very hard to read. Is this what you meant?

    All this change does is to not count the votes that weren't casted as no votes.
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    With unionizing building by building, wouldn't you run the same risk as reward? You mention other terminals seeing a union negotiated contract, but couldn't the converse be true as well? Years ago there were some RPS terminals that organized but the company basically stalled the negotiations. So when it came time for raises, the rest of the contractors in the country saw relatively healthy ones and the organized terminals were basically told, "Sorry. We're still in the negotiating process." Needless to say the unionizing effort collapsed.
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    The only thing worse than grammatical errors is when the person "correcting" them does so with errors of his own.

    Casted? How about "cast"?

    All this change does is disallow any votes which were not cast as no votes.
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    That is where I see Fedex union efforts going. The teamsters may very well organize a terminal and then either never get a contract or a strike is called and replacements are brought in.

    How many UPS freight terminals are organized???? How long have they been working on that?? Plus, UPS Freight has no company opposition to organizing.

    Even if all the laws are changed in the unions favor, I still do not believe that unionizing Fedex will be automatic or even easy.
  9. 705red

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    It would be much easier to organize a barn in a pro union city like Chicago, Boston etc. Much easier than in many of the right to work states. Some of these buildings could vote close to 100% in favor of the union only to have smaller rtw barns vote no which could swing the votes in the no favor.

    Perhaps some buildings are happy being non union while others are not. Its possible that some barns could be unionized while others stay non union just as DHL was. Its no secret that unionized DHL members made much more over all than the contractors hired to work in non union barns.

    As to my first post in this thread, I must apoligize, no one should ever try and psot after reading 100 pages of legal mumbo jumbo.

    If you have 500 people that are eligible to vote to join a uinion and 320 ballots are cast. that is an automatic 180 no votes for ballots that were not cast, even if the union won the majority of cast ballots. Say it was 220 for the union and 100 against add the 180 non votes and the results are 280 against and 220 for under the old way.

    Under the new law only ballots that were cast would count overall in the election to join a union. So the 320 ballots would be the only ballots considered in the vote totals.I hope I cleared that up for you.
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    Or maybe they dont ever organize a building period, but under the new law that we would like to see, at least gives the employees a chance and a voice in that decision. This is America and they should at least have a choice. Nothing is ever easy, FedEx would drag everything out and throw money just as Overnite did.

    UPS freight has organized and joined the Teamsters in many places. I still do not believe that we have lost an election, please correct me if im wrong, but we have been successful in every organizing drive we had.
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    "All this change does is not count the votes that where not cast as no votes."

    I understood Red's statement without any problem.

    But it did remind me of my English teachers who told us to avoid "double negatives." But they didn't never say nothing about no not useing no tripple negatives!!! :happy2:
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    If this change had really upset FedEx, we'd be hearing about it today...and we aren't. I'm wondering if this is the "backroom deal" that's been cut in order to let Fred still have his bogus "airline". While I'm always pleased when the anti-labor FedEx agenda hits a roadblock, this may be what Smith has been aiming for all along. The RLA voting gets loosened-up, but we're still not able to organize on a terminal by terminal basis, which is what he really fears.

    If Obama, the IBT, and UPS are completely satisfied with this "victory", they've already lost, OR cut a deal that seems to look good on the surface, but doesn't really make that much of a difference. Kind of like a Pit Bull with no teeth.

    Fred Smith is one hell of a weasel, and he just may have bought enough votes to keep the language killing his pet "Express Carrier Exemption" out of the FAA Bill. Hey Hoffa and the IBT!! It's time to come out of hiding and say something meaningful. NOW would be an excellent time to do so. Don't let Smith get away with it...AGAIN. You blew it in 1996. Learn from your mistakes.
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    We wil see how this plays out, anyone else find it funny that this annoncement is made the day that Teamsetsr from across the country meet to have their unity conference?
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    I know this is only a little step but atleast it's a step in the right direction. Hopefully it's a indication on what direction congress might vote go. I guess we will have to sit back and watch how this plays out.
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    Obama's support is down and if he turns his back on the unions he has no shot in winning another election.
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    Ouch!!! I like to read post on this site, grammatically correct or not.
    I also am not the best at writing and grammar, but both of you need to stop splitting hairs please.:happy2:
    What is said or shared is more important. Not all are as educated as others. Forgive us.
    Shalom to to both of you.
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    Shalom to to you that a ballet greeting or something?
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    "Shalom" in Hebrew.

    Shalom (שָׁלוֹם) (Sephardic Hebrew/Israeli Hebrew: Shalom; Ashkenazi Hebrew/Yiddish: Sholem or Shulem) is a Hebrew word meaning peace, completeness,
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    welcome mary
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    " is a Hebrew word meaning peace, completeness,"

    "You shalom me !!" :wink2: