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    did my second interview and didnt recieve the call. my record is clean. been two weeks and im anxious to recieve the call. i talked with someone at ups and they told me they dont know when i might get the call, something about they need to talk to see what/how mnay postions they need.

    how long did it take for you to get a call?
  2. UnloaderAM

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    I only had one interview and got called the next day. I've heard of others getting called a week or two (one was a month) later. UPS could be just holding on to your application till it starts getting busier in peak season. Maybe they will give you a call then but I don't know for sure. Hope this helps.
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    Call them, theres no rest for the weary and dont wait for the barn door to hit ya in the ass Get on it!
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    im not knocking UPS but everytime i call them i dont think i get an HR representative. I also get the vibe that me calling them bothers them? it says hiring on the site for my location but whats the deal. another lcoation by me says accepting inquires for future openings.

    when i call it rings all :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ign day and doesnt even go to voicemail. the phone rings and i never get through.

    email i recieved, ** Thank you for your interest in UPS as an employer. No further action is needed at this time. We have retained your application and will be in contact when we have an opening available. Thank you!

    why dont they update the website to accepting inquires for the future instead of having it say current openings,
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    Some of the HR folks work weird hours and are at different buildings on different days. The HR lady in my building comes in at 6:00 AM to give the tours. Volume is down a little bit, meaning business is a little slow, but it should be picking up. anon112, you didn't say what city you are in, maybe somebody could help you more if you were a little more specific?
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    My first interview I was hired on the spot. Must have been looking for someone pretty bad
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    You must have passed the pulse and fog on a mirror test.
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    Keep bothering them... your persistence can pay off. I wasn't hired my first interview either. I called the HR three times and left a message for the man who gave me the interview. He never called me back. Then I showed up at the next application session and he remembered me. He hired me on the spot for my persistence. I've been with UPS as a part-timer now for 13 years (by choice). Also, they could be waiting for Oct. 1st to come before hiring any more. This is concidered Seasonal Hire and is NOT a Permanent Hire. But, it still gets your foot in the door. Keep trying!
  9. over9five

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    I heard it was the ability to chew gum and [-]walk at the same time[/-]...just chew gum.
  10. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Although, it is my understanding they are not being that strict on this test lately.

    If you want the job - call, visit, make it known. Only reason I have seen for someone not being hired is when they insist on a certain shift.