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    thanks for the extra money UPS.
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    My opinion is the company is shooting itself in the foot with no code 5's. Contractually we are required to take 1 hour lunch between the 5th and 6th hour. We all know on pure industrial routes on heavy days its not possible to fit a 1 hour lunch between the end of deliveries and the start of pick-ups.

    Now, because the company will not allow code 5's the said industrial driver who was willing to work his hour lunch paid, is forced to sit there with business stops on his truck that will be missed is beyond comprehesion to me.

    Management's solution may be to send a driver who has a heavy residential route to help the industrial driver. In my mind this hurts the business in 2 ways. The help driver already has been dispatched with at least an 8.5 day, so by the time it take to travel, transfer work and then deliver work this driver is going to be over 9.5 or 10 easily. The other problem is the fuel that is wasted for the resi driver to leave his route and deliver these business stops.

    If I had a company where there was 2 trucks in the entire outfit, and I had 1 manager in charge of these 2 trucks, I would fire this incompetent moron on the spot if he wasted my resources in the manner that UPS managers are instructed from corporate (or IE, i'm not sure where this comes from) to manage their centers everyday.

    If it were my money and my fuel: pay the guy his lunch so the residential driver can stay in his area. Its already the least efficient part of the business, lets not make it unprofitable by adding an extra 10 unnecessary mlies to his route.

    But, what the hell do I know. I never went to UPS supervisor school.:confused:1
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    Christ, BH, you'll never get promoted thinking like that!

    Trying to save the company money! Sheesh!
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    Geography dictates differences I guess.

    I went code 5 today and twice last week.
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    No code 05 for drivers around here unless it's convenient for ups. ie-heavy days, then most drivers remind mgt of the 05 rule. OPS MGT doesn't have very many rules set in stone anymore---just what's convenient for them to survive the given situation.
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    I would never skip my lunch to make sure businesses got their packages. They should send help or learn to dispatch by tomorrow. This company isn't ran by people with real UPS knowledge, it's ran by IE retards and beancounters. They are so far removed from what UPS should be about it's unreal and it seems to be getting worse. Some people, mostly managers, will blame me for basically refusing to provide service to customers. Well, sorry, but how many different job titles do I have to have here at UPS to earn a living?

    I'm shocked UPS even wants to retain the drivers they have now. With how things seem, I'd think they'd be preparing to drive a fleet of feeders down to Mexico to bring back our replacements. We'll over dispatch you, forget about lunch, we'll pay you $250 a week, run scratch or you're fired, dont have late airs or you're fired, work safe out there Miguel.
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    Griff: Where have you been? Nice to see you're back & in rare form! I'm sorry your center is run by retards & beancounters. I hope they get you help so service to the customer doesn't suffer. Just remember most management are like elephants, big, slow and they don't forget.
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    Incompetent morons, retards and bean counters. Have you ever seen the smartest of the hourlies look for a promotion? Quickest way to Center Mgr is start out as a part timer from the local temp agency.
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    When we went to pas and edd the 2 managers that relooped the building and time studies screwed it up beyond fixing. So we got a new division manager and he promoted them to center managers to show him how these numbers can be reached, well they couldnt come close to stops per car, over allowed, under 9.5. The one manager resigned from ups and the other was moved around a little and now hes back in ie in or building again. I told my wife ill see her on the weekends again, for her not to count on seeing me m-f.
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    You hit the nail on the head Over95. Why would any bright, young UPS employees want to seek a promotion when their ideas will not even be spoken, never mind heard.

    My guess is that if a center manager was allowed to run his center like it was his own business, it would be much more profitable than it is now.

    For example, the pickup volume for the center is the total revenue. After that, in my opinion, it should be up to the center manager and to how it manages his costs. Obviously driver salary and fuel are the largest costs.

    Under the current rules, a full-time driver delivering air for the day is not allowed to scan a ground package-even though this driver is making top driver pay-because if he scans a ground it adds another "ground route" in UPS's accounting scheme.

    So instead of letting this full-time driver just deliver the package in, let's say 10 minutes, he must now message the center, the dispacth must now message the driver it belongs to, wait for a reply, then the dispacth must message the air driver with a meetpoint. Now, the route driver must break route, meet the air driver-who has had to drive off his own route-and get the package. The driver now walks 5 feet to the delivery point at the same time as the air-driver who shuttled the package watches from 6 feet away.

    Why the hell in God's great green earth is not the Full-time driver (doing an air route) not allowed to just deliver th F---ing package, saving the company about 1 hour in labor costs in this 1 scenario that plays itself out, time after time, and day after day in my center:confused:1 :confused:1 :confused:1 :confused:1 :confused:1 :confused:1

    I hope I was clear in my post. If anyone has questions or can rebut my comments on why the company is throwing money on the fire in the form of labor costs (I'm not talking about the drivers making 27 bucks), please post here or PM me. I look forward to hearing everyone's comments:thumbup1:
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    Browniehound: You hit the nail on the head, the things we do to look good on some report the customer does not care about is crazy. Just like when late air is shuttled out to drivers on area, they drive by stops and deliver them an hour or two later on their way back in to the center because no delivery stops are permitted when on a feeder shuttle card!
  12. Simplify the contract and allow the centers make better decisions. Forget the classifications of drivers and this won't be an issue. Why should managers have to worry about the ground driver and air driver classifications while trying to service the customers? Everyone talks about their customers and the bad decisions made that cause service problems - but then they want to put handcuffs on the managers when it comes to providing the service. Our competitive advantage is that we can put our air and ground on the same cars and deliver them in a single stop rather than sending in two separate vehicles, drivers, etc. But our contract erases that advantage because it puts all kinds of restrictions on air drivers. We end up erasing our competitive advantage here - and we wonder why Fedex has been kickng our a**es. We need p/t drivers that can service both air and ground. They can be paid a lower rate since they're part time but to be efficient they need to be able to deliver any service of package without penalty.
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    I've got an idea.
    Let's make your job part-time too.......think of the money we would save. :lol:
    We could have a PT'er start a route in the morning and shuttle another PT'er out in the afternoon to finish the route.
    I'm just guessing but are you in management? Just think how your stock would soar after "our" company gradually phased out the FT drivers and had nothing but PT drivers.
  14. BlownOut1200

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    I've skipped my lunch a few times and actually got coded 05 once or twice but my plan of action is if they want us to start taking our full hour then so be it. So what I started doing is getting all my business stops off by 1:45,taking my lunch till 2:45,starting my pickups at 3p and sitting on 30-40 residentials till 6:30 when I finish my pickups. A few weeks or months of 10+hrs of OT a week they'll put a stop to this BS.

    I hit'em where it hurts the most,in their pocket.
  15. Griff

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    This is literally exactly the same as my day right now. They hound us everyday about getting back in the building under 9.5 and I make it maybe twice a week. I do my route exactly like you do, take my lunch at the same time and everything. I bust their balls and send my ETA and number of stops left after i'm done my 1030 airs.
  16. BlownOut1200

    BlownOut1200 CYA all the way!!

    They make the PM OMS clerks send every driver a msg around 1pm asking for their ETA and I tell'em 2030-2100 with no help. Today I had 81 stops with 417pcs del and 30 pu stops with 515pcs and just now got home at 9:30. Amazingly my OCS coded me 05 today because the guy that was supposed to come help me never showed and when I got back in the building his diad was in the slot. :glare:
  17. SmithBarney

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    Unfortunately IE has crunched the numbers enough
    to figure out its cheaper to pay your overtime
    than it is to add a couple routes...

    the next contract will have to push for more $$ on OT so that
    they'll be forced to hire more drivers.
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    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:. This is waaaay too funny, Fredly. UPS won't hire more drivers. They'll just keep paying the $$. They'd rather pay the existing drivers the OT than hire and train new people. Something that might work better is requiring UPS to hire X number of new drivers, rather than the $$ suggestion. UPS would fight the number after ratification but they'd eventually lose the fight. -Rocky
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    We go through this every year, and when they see how productivity decreases from having to break and bring in your air and ground, (cuz lets face it, you know your dispatch aint 8.0) they seem to let us take code 5s again.