No "Green Card," No Package. Period. That's The Rule.

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    I stumbled upon this while surfing the net. Seems like a reasonable rule to me.

    Monday, May 12, 2008
    By Fran Harris

    UPS Requires Woman To Show Green Card For Package
    UPS in Miami has set a new standard for shipping companies in the U.S. The company refused to send a package to a Mexican woman living in South Florida because she refused to provide proof that she is a legal resident.

    Cristina Bustos, the addressee on the package, told the Palm Beach Post the package contains the birth certificates of two relatives also living in Florida who need them to apply for passports. UPS told her the package would remain at a UPS center in Louisville, Kentucky until she sends a copy of her green card to UPS.

    Kirsten Petrella, a UPS spokeswoman, said the company is obliged to follow directives from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The agency believes documents like birth certificates are sensitive because they could be used by terrorists to get false documents, she said.

    The recipient, apparent an illegal alien, clearly showed she has been trained in knowing her supposed 'rights' in the U.S. She told the newspaper said she believes the demand is unfair. Speaking of Petrella, she said, 'She represents a private company,' she said. 'She's not an agent for the immigration service, and I have no obligation to show her my immigration status. We paid to have those documents sent, and they should deliver them to us. There is nothing illegal in that envelope.'
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    Now we have to do the INS job, This is BS give the poor lady her package she is a costumer and bisides there is nothing illigal inside the package.
  3. scratch

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    The point is that this lady is not in this country legally in the first place. She broke the law that our government has done a lousy job of enforcing. We need to secure our borders and these people need to register and pay taxes like the rest of us. Where I live, this has been going on for at least a couple of decades.
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    To streamline the delivery process perhaps our company should demand the government require bar codes be tattooed on the forehead of all legal citizens of the US.
    The driver then simply scans the consignee's forehead, gets approval from DIAD and delivers package.
    Consignee's not recognized by DIAD will be subdued/apprehended by the driver immediately.
  5. PassYouBy

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    Would this be a scheduled or Unscheduled pickup?

    I have to agree with Scratch on this one too.
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    In our area, the controversy is over whether or not US citizens need to show a passport to go in to Canada and vice versa. Up until now, all you had to do was answer a few questions at the border and you were on your way; at most, they would ask for a drivers license or birth certificate or some other acceptable form of identification. They are looking in to an identification card, which would basically be an enhanced drivers license, which would suffice to cross the border but there has been a run on people getting passports so they have delayed implementing this program.

    I, too, have to agree with Scratch, not so much for the taxes part but the fact that illegal aliens are ordering birth certificates in an effort to secure US citizenship.
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    Be kinda tricky using the "find BC" on that package huh...
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    I call B.S. The original poster is anonymous, and we have no idea of the source. Just because it was found "on the net" doesnt make it true. Kind of like the urban myth that was going around on the 'net about making the UPS man show ID because the terrorists had stolen our uniforms.
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    Has anyone seen those NDA letters coming out of New Orleans, LA. from a consulate.
    They contain foreign government id cards issued to persons living in the USA. Now UPS requires a Government issued with a picture type of ID when picking up at the customer counters, many of the persons attempting to pick up these NDA's have no id, ( several bring along a "relative " who claims to prove who they are ).
    The really weird thing was just after these cards were issued, the word from law enforcement circles was that somehow ever unlicense driver stopped showed a foreign id cards as when asked for proof of license.
    And yes in Massachusetts if a stopped vehicle has no valid licensed driver the vehicle is impounded and towed away.
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    Newsflash: Almost everyone who posts on BrownCafe is anonymous! (Except for myself and a handful of others who have posted our real names, real email addresses, and other personal information.)

    My original post contains the link to the source. (I wish the links were underlined or blue in color, that would make them more obvious, but they're not.)

    I see nothing wrong with demanding proper ID from a consignee. Especially if the shipper (the Goverment, in this case) demands it. Our Customer Counter requires proper ID to pick up a package, by the way.

    Even if the contents of a package are legal, like guns, drugs, Hazmats, documents, cigarettes, alcohol, etc., the transfer of the package may be illegal. UPS should not be involved in any crime, even if only in a supporting role.

    I visit from time to time to check out Urban Myths in chain-letter emails I receive. Let's all go there now.
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    WOW, some of those posted are morons. Very simple, comply with the law, show your green card, get your package. Done deal.
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    My two cents here.

    I have many packages that are from various states that contain birth certificates. They are marked "sig req-ID req" and I do just that. No one has complained here.

    On a side note- my wife was born in another country. We have to obtain another birth certificate for her and when that process is finally over the certificate will come from the embassy in Washington DC and it will be signature required-ID required. That will not be a big deal for us, we are willing to show what is needed to get that one! Perhaps this supposed illegal just wants to get on TV!
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    The world changed after 911, we all have to do our part in keeping the US secure. In my job I get to see some of the things that get by and the dangers it is not simple anymore. I work as directed.
  15. dannyboy

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    Aint it funny, how those that do not have rights, demand them?

    Well sir if you will give me the contents of the package I will have the Id you need for me to get the package. Of course, the photo on the Id might not look like me, but then of course, everyone knows we all look alike.........

    Melting pot someone said......

    Dont think so.

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    I like to think I look quite different. :( Oh well if I don't it's more to my advantage. "Who did it? The one with the black hair brown skin and brown eyes?" By the way I think most people from Japan look the same more than any other people.
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  18. dannyboy

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    That was satire.

    I think white people all look alike myself. Problem is there are less and less of them to compare to.