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    What about all the folks that live in moms basement you know the ones that smoke a lot of weed and kick ass on Xbox
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    Most PT work hard for their money at this job just like FT. I know FT drivers that live at home or in a flop house with 6 buddies. I also know FT drivers that use FMLA and Disability so they only have to work 500 hours a year. There're lazy F*s on each side.

    It all depends on the individual. I was PT for 9 years. I try to remember that when ever I'm doging them. Most are kidding about PT but some need to realize it's not as easy as it looks for the 15-20 min you see them working.

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    Settle down Texas Brown.

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    But a Tuesday-Saturday WOULD NOT be part of the holiday. Your work week starts the day after the holiday.

    I'm also part of the Central, and this is the first time I've had a Tues-Sat job. I actually thought i had Tuesday off. But I turn my ringer off when I go to bed, so I never heard their call. Apparently, I was supposed to be a work. Turns out my week was a normal work week, except I got paid for the Monday holiday.
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    The Holiday does not fall during your scheduled work week.

    In the Central, you do not get another day off, unless the Company takes Monday off for a Holiday falling on Sunday, you only get paid for the Holiday and no time and a half for your 5th day worked.

    Article 12
    Section 8

    provided the holiday or holidays fall within the scheduled workweek.