No more back belts...

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  1. SmithBarney

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    Funny FedEx has to hire(and spend gobs of money) an "independent" research firm
    to discover what OSHA and others have been saying for years. Back belts make no
    noticeable difference in the numbers of work place back injuries.

    If you are lifting something heavy enough to justify a back belt, its too heavy for you to be lifting alone or at all.

    Oh yeah I guess it might not have been clear, starting the first of DEC or JAN we are no
    longer required to wear them.

    Oh yeah why are we ramping up new hires.. we are currently overstaffed at our location(we have about 5 more drivers than routes) and we just hired one, just transferred in one, another transfer is on its way, and another new hire is in the works. Is it just us or does FedEx have something up his sleeve?(along with all the other things up there)
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  2. bbsam

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    The times I've used back belts have been after pulling a muscle. I would wear one under a weight lifting belt. The effect would be to partially immobilize the area and force/remind me to bend at the knees. Probably more psychological than anything.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We are allowed to wear back belts here but must wear them under our uniform, which defeats the purpose of the belt.


    The new rule starts Dec 1st according to the weather induced SOS we had yesterday.

    In almost 13 years, I've worn my 2 belts about 3 Been telling them that they don't work and are nothing but a crutch for all that time. Personally, I think it's another way for Uncle Fred to line his pockets a little more!
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    Look at it this way. Even if you did wear your back belt they'd still make any injury preventable and ding you for it. Fredly's comment about over-hiring is very interesting. Lots of people have speculated that Fred wants to make Express a company of part-timers when he makes the shift of XS and E2 over to Ground. Sounds like he's getting ready to do it after peak.
  6. SmithBarney

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    Of course.. they hired a company to consult.. they weren't a health company..
    they said if you stop paying $20bucks a back belt(or whatever they cost) you can save
    X dollars a year. Of course all these couriers who have been using this crutch for so long
    have weak backs, and we might see a rash of injuries...