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    Once again i need to pick the minds of bc guys and gals everywhere. I recieved a "talk with" for my non compliance on Pickup compliance. If we are not above 80 percent for the week we get a talk with! When I approached my center manager he couldnt tell me how to reach these numbers. I was told to ask another driver who has achieved these numbers (covering his butt is what he is doing)
    I know we have a 15+- on scheduled pickups however i am a swing driver and am on different routes every day and surely dont know the route like the normal driver. So I asked another manager and this is what he told me....

    If I get to a stop early......go to scheduled pickups scan pkgs then prerecord them......15+- scheduled time bring it back up and stop complete it.........
    Does anyone else find this wrong......I asked my steward if this would be considered falsifying documents...........

    My steward told me what he does is.....
    When he gets to a scheduled pick up he goes into unschedueld pickup, enter info and stop complete it. At end of day when diad prompts if you want to complete scheduled stops select no. By doing this you will be at a hundred percent every day....

    Are their any other tricks out there. Since our management obviously wants us to minipulate the system instead of doingthe job correclty how are others doing on the 15+- pickup times
  2. Jim Kemp

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    In the grand scheme of things WHAT F'ING DIFFERANCE DOES IT MAKE? The customers don't care what time you make as long as you make it. Why does ups just make crap up just to make things difficult. Who made up the time, did they just pull a time out of thin air.
    How does a driver that has 50 pick do it if one of the first stops hold him up? Does it start snowballing at the end?
    This is one of the dumbest thing ups has ever come up with.
  3. over10.5

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    I agree... This is a big issue at my hub right now. Another reminder of how useless our management is. They just moved our complience from 80% to 85%. Some guys are getting warning letters. And they wonder why ERI scores are low?
  4. trplnkl

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    The only thing I really disagree with you on is the first sentence. The difference it makes is that his manager id trying to hold his feet to the fire over pu times established by the regular driver. It's been pretty well established in our center that cover drivers should not be held accountable for those times (within reason).
    Cobra what the sup told you can get you fired. All he has to do is deny he told you that. Entering a stop complete away from the actual pu point can/will be considered as dishonesty.
  5. Jones

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    All that rigamarole stuff that your sup and your steward told you to do is going to get you fired down the road. There are no "tricks" to making pickup compliance. Make an honest effort to get there during the 30 minute window and close out your pickups when you make them, you will never get in trouble by doing things the right way.
  6. dannyboy

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    Jones is right. Both what the sup and steward told you can get you fired. Both for dishonesty.

    As for the brilliant post by worthless, the customer has customers that are ordering goods. That customer will be told that UPS picks up at 3:30, so any orders placed by 3:15 will go out the same day.

    In worthless's world, that means nothing. If he wants to pick it up at 10:30 as he is delivering the air, so be it, because
    I beg to differ. They do care.

    And in this day of lost business and a slow economy, I would suggest you care as well.

  7. IWorkAsDirected

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    You could be fired for dishonesty! Just go back, that's what I do, they know where you were physically when you punched stop complete. It is NOT worth losing your job. If you just can't make it, don't make it, eventually they'll have to help you figure out how to make it, but they can't fire you.
  8. IWorkAsDirected

    IWorkAsDirected Outa browns on 04/30/09

    BTW it's been changed from eri to eos (employee opinion survey) apparantly they don't want any ownership of the results.
  9. helenofcalifornia

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    It's funny that this new "2 week" issue is apparently a nationwide issue. I thought it was our region only. And Danny, I beg to differ with you. The driver is the only real contact with the shipper and knows the impact of picking them up "early" or "late.". I am sure that the driver would go back if he was there too early and the shipper wasn't ready.

    And please don't give me the BS that we are lucky to have a job in these troubled times.
  10. 705red

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    Tell your center manager that you work as directed, but if he can not advice you on how to reach the goals he has set for you, how are you to accomplish them!

    Put the ball in managements court.

    I would do my best to do the pick ups in the time frame the diad had, if its a 1530 pick up, go between 1515 and 1545. I have a pick up that closes at 1445 which is my first pick up and the rest of my pick ups start at 1520. So i do the first pick up at 1445 and than i sit and wait to start the rest of my pick ups or i dip my late pickups to get a head start on pick ups.

    Do not pre record pick ups, and your steward is giving you really bad advice because ups has a report that will show all of your pick ups were missed because you unscheduled them.

    Does you steward still cheat on late nda's? Remember back in the day you would just put in the shipper number and the last three of the tracking to avoid a late air.

    QKRSTKR Active Member

    Don't cheat on them. Talk with bid driver and see when he starts pick ups. Start them 15 minutes before the scheduled time that way if you get hung up you still have plenty of time. My first pick up says 15:25 but I start at 1515. If the sch. times are all messed up tell center manager to fix times or have bid driver fix times. Your just asking for trouble doing anything else.

    Hell, our mgmt team can't decide usually if it's 15 minutes or 14 minutes.
  12. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Dear Helen
    The regular driver does. But this guy is a cover driver.

    And the response of worthless is that of a cover driver that just could care less of what the customer really wants or needs. And sometimes the regular driver does not have a clue as well.

    We landed a serious air account where the regular driver was picking them up at 2:30-2:45, because that was OK by the customer and it "worked for the driver". By us going back by at 6, we were able to take serious volume away from Fedex, up to 1800+ packages a week. This volume was gotten by a cover driver that was running late and picked them up late.

    So while the UPS driver does have one part of an inside look at what is going on, it is only one part, not the whole.

    Im glad to know up front that you think having a job that pays you 80 grand plus bennies a year, is BS in these troubled times. And yes, there are a ton of people right now that would love your pay and job security. A security that depends on each driver to keep.

  13. trplnkl

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    That's not what she said nor meant and you know it. She meant the BS of having it shoved down your throat every time you express displeasure of some aspect of your job.
  14. Hangingon

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    My problem with this compliance is when a shipper asks me in the morning to come later or earlier then normal. I asked my sup and he said it doesn't matter what they said, I need to hit complete within the 30 minute window.

    We have had suspensions here over not making 9.5, no matter what the reason, so I can't do 2 PU attempts. I just fudge it, hit edit when they want the PU and hope I don't get slammed. As far as the shipper requesting, our PU time was put in by OMS, (the PU time, not the close time) with no feedback by the customer.
  15. over9five

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    Not something new here. They were on us about this when I was in Package 1 1/2 years ago. It's pretty easy for the regular driver. The management team lets you set the p/u time. I only missed the window occasionally on my first p/u, which was done when I delivered (h/c p/u). Missing one window didn't affect the 80% compliance.

    A cover driver would only have to start my main p/us at the same time I did, and he would stay in the window.

    Does the OP know he could get a print-out of the p/u records for any route, showing the p/u time, and then plan accordingly?

    Also, I will add that you are insane if you take either the CMs or the stewards advice. Keep your integrity!

    Also, your steward shouldn't be a steward.
  16. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Its those exceptions that are allowed for at 85%. The rest you should make when instructed.

    Remember, you are to work as instructed. If you are instructed to be in before 9.5, your fuzzy butt needs to be back before 9.5 regardless of what you think or still have left to do. Its their business. When you follow instructions, and work as instructed, they then have the ball in their court when it comes to service failures. Dont bend rules, falsify records, or otherwise "get creative".

    Just do the job to the best of your ability, but by their rules.

    Tpl, remember the ole saying $#it flowes down hill? That very same thing is getting crammed down the throat of your sup/center management team.

    You are making 80 grand a year to do a job that you have a contract saying you will work as instructed. Why should anyone have to listen to someone that has a displeasure about some aspect of your job?

    Deal with it. But by the grace of God, you could have been the kid cleaning the bathroom at McDonalds. Deal with it and be thankful you get that four digit paycheck every friday.

    I believe that the next few years will be a real shaking out of business as usual for a lot of people. UPS drivers no exception.
  17. dilligaf

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    PU compliance has been an issue here for a year now. Constantly and consistantly.

    The best way to deal with it, IMO, if you have to break to get to it in compliance then that is what you do. You don't pre-record and you don't unschedule it.

    If I am a few (very few) minutes early then I sort for a few and P/U in compliance. And if I am on a rte that has a high number of P/U's I keep track of the percentages. We have one rte that has some 30 P/U's on it. This is where the percentages come in handy. I stay in compliance on these P/U's with the exception of one.

    I actually have fun trying to stay in compliance. It's kinda a game. How much can I get done? How far do I have to drive? How many minutes can I use? Where can I kill time delivering when I get to far ahead of myself?
  18. trplnkl

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    And that has absolutely nothing to do with what Helen said and has nothing to do with what I said.

    You are making 80 grand a year to do a job that you have a contract saying you will work as instructed.
    I earn what I make (BTW it's never be 80k
    Why should anyone have to listen to someone that has a displeasure about some aspect of your job?

    I'm not sure what that has to do with Helen or I, not wanting to have the wages we earn thrown in our faces. And besides that, in your own post in a thread you started you said we come here to vent and express frustrations. That relieves the stress somewhat. But having some one turn around and tell us we should be kissing UPS behind because we make 80k a year just adds to that stress.

    Deal with it. But by the grace of God, you could have been the kid cleaning the bathroom at McDonalds. Deal with it and be thankful you get that four digit paycheck every friday.
    There are many reasons that I disagree with these two sentences, but I'll let them pass to actually deal with the subject at hand.

    I believe that the next few years will be a real shaking out of business as usual for a lot of people. UPS drivers no exception.
    I believe that too, for there is no true way of knowing what all will transpire when our president gets his way.

    One last thing, I'm willing to bet hard earned money that Helen as well as myself are very thankful for having a job, but that is our business one way or the other.
    You may not mind being force fed age old sayings, but I'm too fond of the practice.
  19. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    You and Trpl are both right in one way or the other. You, Trpl and I all know that Helen was takes her job as seriously as we do (or did). We are all grateful that we have the jobs that we do.

    Danny, what's going on lately? You are usually more forgiving and understanding. Lately you have been very serious and less tolerant. Lighten up a little. Remember your New Years resolution? Where is your sense of humor?
  20. Its weird to see people facing discipline for pickup compliance. My center genrally stays in the 70 to 80% range, but we dont hear about it often. We actually take it as an odd sort of compliment because it usually means we are doing everything else satisfactory. I say do whats right, no one gets fired for having integrity, you may just have to face some BS along the way.
    As far as the economic\job issue goes, I am a low seniority FT cover driver sitting at home at 1200 for the second time this week. So....