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    Hello people,just made an account and well I applied online for a seasonal driver helper at ups and I had an interview on 11/2/12 and its 11/5/12.I was wondering when will they get in touch with me?because I completed the additional documents you reiceve before your next appointment. So I did and yeah I haven't reiceved any notifications or email nor phone call since.The guy who interviewed me was running my background check so maybe thats a reason but I doubt it. P.S. I NEVER HAD MY ORIENTATION OR TRAINING YET.
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    It may still be too early for your center to be using helpers. We don't start using helpers in my center until the week of Thanksgiving. Provided your background check comes back clean, you will be notified as to the date and time of your orientation/training and will most likely start working shortly thereafter.

    Two words of advice----show up on time dressed and ready to work. Work as directed.
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    Thank you for the reply and Tip also..
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    Tip 2: learn how to search internet forums for threads that have already asked and answered your same question.
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    Quit now why there is still hope for your soul.
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    Will do
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    Some people at my hub didnt get a call for weeks.
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    I just got my call back on 11/9/12 and I am scheduled for orientation on 11/12/12 so it took them 7 days to reach me (which is understandable)