Not Scheduled to Work a Saturday—Can I be Forced?

clean hairy

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I love how when Upstate says anything, the following response is you saying its the opposite :lol:
If i remember correctly, he was on a rampage trying to keep retireess from posting on BC?
His logic something along the line of:"they no longer work here, and what they have to say is not relevant"
Am i remembering correctly?
Perhaps someone can pull up a thread or 2 about it?


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I just dont get it.
I go and deliver whatever i want to deliver then take sweet 45 minutes parking my truck.
They will send out messages like " before you come back call your sup" heck that im gonna call i just work whatever i want.
EZ money plus dont forget my bonus

It aint much but is honest work.

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This is like the Friday after Thanksgiving. The Company says you will be paid holiday pay but it's now

another REGULAR work day from now on. Yet, we have folks saying By God it's a holiday and ain't

coming in...Yet, ask a union steward directly for a direct answer and it will be anything but. So, I've

always been told by those same stewards-work as directed and then file. What I think should happen:

Have the Union clear all this up-you don't have to work, its a holiday. But, they haven't because you

can be FORCED to work as DIRECTED. As I've always understood it. At some point, you are going to run

out of option days, sick call whatever. In my 4 decades, fastest way to get fired is no call no show.

And to the OP-you don't know how many family events I missed working at UPS during peak or

otherwise. Just the way it is. But really....a soccer tournament during peak? It would be like me

declaring "I'm going skiing during the week of Christmas"....laughable. Now..New Years?-you bet.


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I assume that they will be running the same plan on Monday----if not, you got paid a lot of money to basically waste your time to "sort your own truck perfectly".
Yes my truck is the same on Monday. They do a Saturday preload and on Monday our preloaders each load eight trucks because most of the work is done Saturday.


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UPS said in the beginning we don’t deliver commercial ground ..Now it’s peak and they want us to deliver businesses on sat ..absolutely not
Not how it happened. My full timer asked me if I wanted to come in yesterday and run my own route just to get off what I could. My route is 80% commercial and most of them were closed Friday. This happens every year and they have to split my route in half the following Monday, and the following Monday my day is rough, due to trying to load 550 large commercial pieces in my p12.

I could just not work Saturday since it's so much commercial on my route I'll just call in and some runner gunner, one of three of them, will have to come do my pickups or take a ton off me. But hey I volunteered to come get double time to run my own route, sort my own truck, stack everything in tightly and where I want it, and then go home.

I'll still blow out tomorrow but so what. I'll be home by 6:30 no matter what.


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I also clocked out at 1230 Friday. I don't mind these black Fridays very much. At start time on Friday I just start pulling every single box out of my truck and leave over half of it sitting on the dock. Takes me an hour cause I don't move very quickly why bother. They have a cover guy go around and sheet all that stuff closed holiday. Then I do fifty stops, go visit all my pickups to see if they want to go home early, and call in with a list of the few that still want their normal late pickup. They have a seasonal guy do them and I go home.

I still get to spend a lot of time with my family, I just miss a few hours at the beginning of the day.


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This is like the Friday after Thanksgiving. The Company says you will be paid holiday pay but it's now

Another REGULAR work day from now on...........
Local 177 Still a holiday, we had about 25 drivers not showing up, they good all the seasonal drivers doing multiple routes, I did 110 stops on 8.5 hours


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Alright guys, I realize peak season is upon us, but I have to ask:

I was not scheduled to work this Saturday, like most of our center. Center management informed us we would be working, but again, I was not scheduled to work.

Can I be forced to work if not scheduled on the Friday before? There seems to be some disagreement.

edit: I have a prior engagement (refereeing a soccer tournament)
Unless they come to your house with a gun to your head, they can’t force you. Can you not go in and get hit with a call in, yes, yes you can.


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how it used to go in our hub , if there was extra work UPS would offer the work by seniority. if everyone refused the work then they could force from the bottom up.

so yes you can be forced.