Not so special delivery: Man accused of trying to rob store disguised as UPS worker arrested

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    Not so special delivery: Man accused of trying to rob Baton Rouge store disguised as UPS worker arrested

    A Baton Rouge man who authorities say disguised himself as a UPS delivery driver in an attempt to rob a payday loan store on Coursey Boulevard is in custody.

    Sheddran Kinchen, 51, 10445 Red Oak Drive, was booked into Parish Prison Thursday on a count of attempted armed robbery. His bond was set at $50,000.

    According to his arrest report, Kinchen _ wearing a UPS uniform, a hat and a wig _ carried a brown box to the Check Into Cash store in the 10000 block of Coursey Boulevard in the late afternoon of June 19. After getting inside, he pulled out a semi-automatic handgun and demanded that a store employee open the safe. When told that the safe was on a timer and couldn’t be opened until the next morning, the would-be robber ran away on foot, according to the report.
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    He would have gotten away if he'd follow ORION! It would've
    had him run all across town for his next stop. He'd gotten away for sure!!

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    Somebody did not turn in their helper's uniform from last peak. The wig disguise explains a lot and love his planning, just how dumb can dumb be?
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    that's why i kept a couple uniforms.

    just in case