Not the kind of Publicity that FedEx wants.

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    Well thats just lame. But at least they got something in the end, even though it doesnt replace the photos. Ive seen some boxes in pretty strange places at the ramp I work at. Think the strangest one was stuck between two pillars about 10ft up in the middle of the slide.

    On a side note, we seem to have a theft problem with our breakroom fridge. Peoples lunches come up missing all the time. At one point someone was going through and taking ONE bite out of everyones lunch, and then putting it back. Lets just say I no longer use the fridge.
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    Theft isn't always done by employees. Managers, cleaning crews and truck washers all have the same oppurtunity.
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    I'm sorry, but I missed the part in the article where it says it was stolen. There's many ways a package can go missing.
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    agree, this one may actually got lost in the system last peak i came across a box or 2 with no labels on them at all; off to the QA cage to be opened & hopefully a shipping label is enclosed & not just stuck on the side of the box...

    but i did see a few thieves during my stint at pseudo-Fedex
    (mainly temp package handlers & a scummy driver or two)
    that ruins someone's day by stealing an ipod, laptop, etc...


    What gets me is, you go to a customer location that thinks they are Fort Knox, with armed guards and metal detectors at all doors, and they say it is to prevent the "contractors" from stealing product. I like to remind them, that if we really wanted their packages, we wouldn't take them from the dock it came from.

    At the location I go to daily, they told me it was more for the Ground guys than anyone else, and that is straight from the head of the
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    Tattooed Parolee Box Monkeys DON'T steal anything. Just ask bbsam.
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    what's worse is when you DR a parcel "out of sight (from the street) and out of weather" a smart thief sees that damn post-it delivery note & takes the damn box... it's happening in nice suburban areas as well lately because of "the economy" & people are getting desperate

    (i hope you're right about contractors not being liable for it if a package gets stolen from a customer's property once it's released properly with those post-its, bbsam)
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    They told us a story a few weeks back how a lady was arrested because she was driving around looking for post it notes and we she saw the little notes she knew there was a package around the door somewhere. She apparently told the cops the same thing we all have been saying which was if theres a post it note theres a box. If the notes bigger nothing is there. FedEx is the only company to do that.
    If FedEx's plan was to make stealing easier well they did it so congrats on that.
    Apparently the only reason this lady was caught was because a home had a security camera and a house that she thought no one was home actually was the home of a off duty cop that caught her red handed.
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    werd, see a few youtubes vids on this...

    PS: don't forget to be a rep slut; me me me!
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    I am so confused they showed a Fedex ground truck and Fdx freight truck. LOL