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Cathy Roberson, a logistics industry consultant in Atlanta, predicts the labor market issues will persist for a while for FedEx and similar businesses.

"I think it's FedEx is going to have to look at the other benefits that they include with hourly pay. They're also going to have to take a look at how they treat employees as well."

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FedEx hosts a job fair at the FedExForum looking to fill over 4400 local positions in the Memphis area, the effort was a part of their national hiring day campaign on Thursday, Sept. 23, 2021.

She clarified that she wasn't saying that FedEx has a problem with its treatment of employees now, but said that generally, workers want to work in a place where they're respected and appreciated.

"It's a big problem across all industries and no one's figured it out," Roberson said.

"And I personally think people are able to be more selective in who they choose to go work for and it's not always about money. The work environment and such as that plays a big role."



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How likely is a FedEx employee vaccine mandate?​

With roughly 30,000 people on its payroll in the Memphis area, FedEx is by far the largest employer here, and when news of possible employer vaccine mandates began circulating earlier this year, FedEx's positions on the issue attracted extra attention.

Public health experts say that when employee vaccine mandates go into effect, only a few people refuse to get the shots and the requirement pushes most people to receive them, boosting their immunity and greatly reducing the chance that they'll become hospitalized or die.

To date, FedEx has not issued a vaccine mandate for its employees, and ongoing legal issues related to the Biden administration's new rules on this subject would likely present challenges if the company tried to do so.

FedEx Express World Hub employees handle packages containing doses of the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech on Dec. 13, 2020, in Memphis.


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It can vary widely among different managers. Some are truthful. Some definitely lie. Overall corporate mentality is largely that couriers are idiots who try anything to avoid doing a good job.

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The only solution is for Fedex to tell its customers to friend off and go to the store and buy things. Anything to lower the volume so sorts aren't 8+ hours long and couriers aren't on the road until 9 PM. Fedex isn't a 9-5 40 hour a week labor grind. People can find better full time jobs that treat its employees better. The brunt of its labor force has always been part time college students.

Also the quality of the unskilled labor pool has dropped significantly due to demographic changes. This includes the immigration pool that corporations love so much.