Now a UPS stock ?.

Discussion in 'The Archives' started by vgpa, Mar 28, 2003.

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    Does anyone know how to find out "how much did you pay for the stock when it was bought"? Or the average cost basis? I need to know this for tax purposes. The 1099b form shows date of sale, and the total amt. of stock sold but not the other information. I've been on the mellon website but could not find any info. Thanks again [​IMG]
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    It should be on your most recent statement. All the info you need for your taxes should be on there.

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    Yes, it all should be there , but where do you start? Its very confusing. We sold 300 shares , the adjusted cost at trans. date was 2,634, cash proceeds were 17,899. The original date acquiered was 224 shares, original cost to shareowner is $0.00, cost adjusted for splits is 1,967 , adjusted cost per share is $8.782, and the value at 60.70 per share is $13,595. NOw what do you do? All the info is there but how do u determine if its a gain or a loss?
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    The only error I see in your last post, is the original cost to you. MIP is still a cost to the shareowner since you paid taxes on those shares. Just deduct the sales price from the original purchase price to determine your capital gain.
  5. vgpa[​IMG]
    See if this helps you

    purchase12-01-02 shrs100cost/share$50.00total cost $5000.00
    12-10-01 200 $30.00 $6000.00
    01-01-00 400 $20.00 $8000.00

    total shares700cost $19000.00 average cost/share=$27.14

    sold all shares 700 on 12-10-02 at $63.00/share =$44100.00

    $44100.00minus original cost $19000.00equals $25100.00profit

    you owe long term or short term capital gain tax
    on your $25100.00 proceeds