Obama Avatar - Turning his back on America

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Hoaxster, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Monkey Butt

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    Poor TOS ... he doesn't realize what his avatar really means!
    Obamas Back.jpg
  2. The Other Side

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    Poor HOAX...

    Another election, another dissapointment waiting for him in november.


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    Shusssh!, Hoax, don't let TOS in on it.
  4. Monkey Butt

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    No doubt about that ... either way.

    Nixon, Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, Bush Jr, Obama - none were any reason to celebrate although Reagan and Clinton did pretty well.


  5. The Other Side

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    Its nice to see some die hard fantasy island fans still claiming Reagan did a good job..!! 10.7% unemployment after two years and a deficit of 3.7 trillion dollars after 8 years! Yea, a real american hero!


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    Is Obama a relative of yours?
    You've got such a bulge in your pants for him, something doesn't add up.
    It surely isn't just because he is half black is it?
    I mean, that's the reason you give for so many of us not approving of him.
  7. moreluck

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    So unemployment under Reagan went from 7.6% the summer after innauguaration to 9.8% and stayed there for 2 years.

    Didn't Obama also have the unemployment rate rise a couple percent and stay there during his first 2 years? So if it was a bad thing for Reagan, then it's also a bad thing for Obama too!!

  8. DS

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    He achieved some important goals,he had no control over the deficit.
    I admired him.I don't know why.
    Reagan - Tear Down This Wall - YouTube
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    Its funny how u start a thread, then the first thing u bring up is "TOS".

    Haven't u been owned enough?
  10. The Other Side

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    Well, as usual, you have your numbers wRoNg, but what else is new, eh?

    Thats been my point moreluck all along. You die hard fantasy island fans want to hold Reagan up as if he was some kind of presidential hero, but in todays GOP, REAGAN wouldnt pass as a republican. His numbers were attrocious.

    When Carter left office, unemployment was at 7.1%, but in the middle years, unemployment was in the low 5's, thats right, the low 5's. Carter failed to control inflation and the country spiraled out of control. When he left office, Carter left the nation with a 59 billion dollar deficit.

    Reagan takes over and his unemployment rate SHOT to 10.7% (higher than OBAMA) and came down slowly over the remaining years of his term. ON his last day in office, Reagan had unemployment down to 6.2% but left a GINORMOUS deficit of 3.7 trillion dollars on the backs of the american taxpayer.

    ""President Reagan, as well as Bush I and II, insisted that deficits didn't matter as long as the proceeds were used for tax cuts that were supposed to stimulate
    savings and investment. The policy failed utterly. Savings and investment rates fell, despite the lower tax rates. America became increasingly reliant for its
    investment capital on borrowing from abroad. But this deficits-don't-matter theology liberated Republicans from their previous stance as the fiscally
    responsible party.""

    Ronald Reagan on Budget & Economy

    Reagan was no hero to the american public, he was a man of the rich, the very rich. Reagan and Obamas unemployment rates are very similiar and Reagan was able to secure re-election with a 9% unemployment rate!


    Reagan vs. Obama: Unemployment | Reflections of a Rational Republican

    OBAMA had a giant hole to crawl out of after BUSH left office and only those on fantasy island seem to think otherwise, and so far, he's done a great job of doing so.

    Sure, like Reagan, theres a long way to go, but like Reagan, it will take 4 more years to get us there. Remember, Reagan started his first day in office with a 7.1% unemployment rate and went up to 10.7% in two years. Obama started at 7.8% and went to 10.1% and its coming down just like Reagan. Reagan was NEVER able to match Carters best unemployment rates of mid 5's during any point in his 8 years. Time will tell if OBAMA can get it right over the next 4 years.

    I still have his back.


  11. The Other Side

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    Reagan spent 3 dollars for every 1 dollar he took in tax revenue. His tax cuts BLEW UP the deficits from Carters 59 billion, to 3.7 trillion. Tax cuts for the rich do not work, they never have.


  12. wkmac

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    Look, Hoax is catching 2 on the same hook!

    Must be doing his Roland Martin impression, SON! SON!
  13. Monkey Butt

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    The thread is about TOS's avatar.


  14. Monkey Butt

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    Just the sheer force of his personality and leadership that he provided.
    I respect him more in hindsight than I did at the time of his presidency.


  15. moreluck

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  16. roadrunner2012

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    Bless your little heart, Hoaxster. You are an exemplary moderator.

    I have to ask, though...why do you sign your posts as POS?

    I agree with your assessment of yourself, but it seems a little strange to refer to ones self as POS. Did you take a truth serum or something?
  17. The Other Side

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    Thats a great post moreluck, finally you put something of substance on this board. Everyone should read this piece.

    It highlights the failed reagan administration. I love it . Thanks!


  18. The Other Side

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    I say you leave the POS for good.

    it fits.


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    It's implied even when I don't.