Obama bailout

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    That mask article is dated 1/31, not really relevant to current events, IMO.
  2. you’re a clown who doesn’t mind masks going to China. Free from UPS airfare isn’t cheap!
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    Thanks Obama.
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    Wrong about what? I didn’t give you an opinion. You are spreading fake news. Go to the cdc and look at the budget. Please remove MOD from your name if you are gonna be lying and promoting lies to others up here. If don’t know what your talking about, go to another thread that you can actually be useful. You lie to try to get someone to like another human being? You are the lowest of the low of a human. You’re family would be so proud of you.
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    i will point out this. The mortality rate of 3.4% they expected in wuhan where this started, ended up being 1.4%. So his hunch was right. He was also called a racist and xenophobe. You criticize the man for making a decision without politics, but then think he isn’t doing enough. Even joe Biden called trump a xenophobe for travel ban. Where the hell would we be if corrupt politician joe was at the country? We’d be dead. Lastly, how old are you? Who the hell cares if someone misspoke or misspelled something in a tweet? Be part of the solution, not part of the problem. People are dying and citizens still want to play politics? Smh
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    I would like to just put this out here: it is a concerted act including The Congress and The Senate when it comes to deficits. It is rarely a President forcing his will on government, we don't ( thank god) live in a monarchy. debt-by-usa-president-036a.png
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    Check it: out:

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    A lot of positive talk in those clips. I see why it angers you. Get off the emotion train. Still focusing on some words bc the results are too good? Smh HOAX 2020
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  10. Netsua 3:16

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    “Seeeeeeeeee Obamas bailout was better”
    “Noooooo TRUMPS bailout is better”
    Shut up you idiots
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    I guess that’s the bottom line?! Hahaha ;)
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    Fed announced uncapped QE, where was this used before?
  13. It’s pretty obvious that any Trump bailout will Trump, Obama.
  14. Netsua 3:16

    Netsua 3:16 Stop being a little bitch

    It’s apples and oranges....I realize that the massive hit to the market is eerily similar to that of the end of Bush beginning of Obama era. However, a mobile virus predicted to bring millions of deaths with it, and a bunch of Wall Street crooks all getting their bubbles popped at once are two completely separate issues, requiring completely separate decision making from the Presidential administration
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    The Democratic leadership is pushing for extended unemployment benefits including paying for your health insurance after a layoff. I don't want the federal government paying for my healthcare. That's a slippery slope into providing healthcare for all Americans. This is a stimulus bill not a bailout! Do you really want accountability with billion's of dollars going to business that used tax breaks on buybacks and dividends? They need that pumped up stock back up. On top of it all they are planning on sending out $1200 welfare checks to poor people who don't just get a job.
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    UPS didn't donate any masks - they transported the masks. Learn how to read.
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    The ones that got trump elected?