Obama, the first-rate Republican

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Oct 27, 2008.

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    So this is the big change candidate?
    Just another politician feeding a line of BS.
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    Given that The Economist is generally a fervent supporter of free market capitalism and almost always supports the republican candidate, I was a little surprised to see this:

    It's time
    "A man who started with no money and few supporters has out-thought, out-organised and outfought the two mightiest machines in American politics—the Clintons and the conservative right."

    He still won't get my vote, but increasingly it looks like he isn't going to need it anyway.
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    Just read an ad that went "Napolean's advance was slowed by a painful hemroid so that he couldn't ride his horse. But now you today can have relief with so and so product." LOL
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    My friend, McCain is not the conservative right.
    Not even close.
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    In 2008' about a week out from the election, the late Alexander Cockburn pinned the article linked in the OP. Problem is, this link is now dead but the article is archived here.

    As a follow up now 6 years later, Bruce Bartlett at The American Conservative pinned a piece entitled, Obama Is A Republican.

    Both see Obama in very similar ways.
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