Obstacles toward Perfection!


dang>>>first real day working as a Preload along with a supervisor. OMG I was so confidence going to work today, I literally studied the 2 loading chart info for a good portion of my time yesterday, and even til the time of arriving at work. I can say that I have memorize both loading charts 99%. MAN, but when those bins started 2 roll down the ailse, and the sup constantly moving like a bullet back and forth, grabbing boxes, sweating his :censored2: off, yelling out street addresses, sequence #, hitting stop counts on and on. MY mind went BOOM!!! all those memorization flew down to >>>>>>10%, as I started 2 sweat my :censored2: off even more than he is. JEEZ, I better get a grip of the situation soon as I realized this is gonna be a challenging endeavor : ) : ) ON Monday Il probably bring a 1 gallon jug of ice water so we both can kool our azzes off : )


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hang in there my friend it only gets worse, peak is roughly 20 weeks away, in my center middleton, wi......we have "student move in's" in aug......all the rich kids from NY, and elsewhere ship all their crap to campus.....go bucky...


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your supervisor won't need ice water, he will probably turn you lose to do it yourself on Monday(such is the training at UPS).


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Ever study for a test and then freeze when its in front of you? Even though you know the answers you cannot retrieve them? Same thing, and no one needs to yell, it just shows the stress they are under trying to do a job, that they probably dont even know how to do. It will come to you......, the bulks will start to be familiar, you will even remember that certain places get from the same places every day, and you will start to recognize the labels, but you still have to check the add. Once you recognize the bulks you will have time to look up the streets and resis. Pretty soon you will know the number breaks. You will be suprised how fast that will happen.
You will do fine. You will be able to do it in your sleep, literally.

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I've never loaded trucks on preload so I can't really chime in my 2 cents because I dont really have 2 cents worth of info to give. I can tell you that those load charts aren't always that great. I'm only a part-time cover driver but I can tell you that some of the routes we have might as well not even have load charts. I'm having to pull packages out of the middle of the truck at the beginning of the route. Lately I run one particular route. There is a section of town on the load chart that just doesn't make since. Even if the preloader loads that section perfectly according to the load chart it will still be totally backwards. Usually they just throw the package in that section of the truck so when I get to it it is a total mess. I guess that is why many of our drivers come in early and sort through their truck for about 5-10 minutes. The best thing you can do is talk to the drivers that usually, or always, run your routes and they can give you advice. Right now though...concentrate on learning the basics first.