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  1. I bid on a route in March and have had it since. It was a route that opened up due to the driver going to feeders.
    Last week another driver with more seniority who has been out for a year on comp claimed that he did not get offered this route
    while he was on comp. Or get a chance to bid on it. And when he comes back in two weeks he wants to bump me.
    Can he do this? or does he have to go to his original bid route? Doesn't it go from the bottom up, to create new full time jobs when a bid opens up during the year? UPS is saying one thing and the union is saying something else. Who is going to win?
  2. I was told the route was going to be posted again next week and he will be bidding on it, in result taking it from me.
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    You won't want to hear this but if the driver who was on comp should have been allowed to bid during the regular bid cycle. Now that he is back he should be able to bid on any area that has a driver with less seniority than he has, not just the run that you are covering. The driver who was on comp will win.
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    Yes, it seems somebody dropped the ball here. Although I think mgmt is to blame, your steward should have been looking after his guys and not allowed it to happen. Ride it out brother, anything can happen.
  5. Its not the regular bid cycle. That's every other February. This just opened up mid year due to another driver moving to feeders
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    I've heard you have to be back within 90 days of the bid ending date. Not sure though.
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    Like everything at UPS it varies from region to region. Where I am at the route goes up for bid on a Tuesday and comes down the next Tuesday and its the responsibility of the employee to know if a route goes up for bid or not. It helps to have a friend at work to tell you these occurances. Its not the responsibility of the employer to call those on comp to tell them a route is up for bid.
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    In our local it is an employees responsibility to call in weekly to inquire about any job postings while out of work for workers compensation, disability or even extended vacations. He would be SOL in my center and would have to go into his old route. You will have to contact your business agent to find out what past practice or local rider language they use in your local. Would not let the decision fall on what management alone decides to do.
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    HERE, his old route would be posted after 15 days on comp.
    Upon his return, he can bid/bump wherever his seniority allows.
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    Here his route would be covered by casuals until he returns from comp.
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    He should go back to his old route. Which should have been filled by cover drivers until he came back or retired. He was on comp meaning he was coming back. Did he bid a route during the last bi-annual bid ??? If not and someone with less seniority bid that route he should have the opportunity to bump that person or the driver with the least seniority....

    You need to read your local supplement / rider under the section of Bidding and see what it says about temporary vacancies....
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    I`m not to sure about this Dave. If the open route was posted and taken it would be the comp driver`s responsibility to sign for the posted route. Also the steward`s responsibility to let the comp driver know it was up for bid. The comp driver can only go back to his bid route. He can`t bump any less seniority driver`s route. He had that opportunity at his regular bid meeting. That`s how our local would do it.
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    Why would someone be able to take any route he wants after being gone? Please explain this to me because we do things differently here. Do you have contractual language to that effect?
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    Same here.
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    I think Upstate misread the OP`s original thread. He and I are in the same district. The Comp driver cannot take any route of a less seniority driver.
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    That's not how it worked out for one of our 22.3s.

    If you do not bid during the bi-annual bid, you are assigned a bid, even if on comp. That's the understanding I received. Maybe he was too passive to file a grievance and abc bump.
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    Brian Z would set this straight.
  18. It's clear, after reading through this thread, this is the place for clarification.
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    If I understood OP's first post correctly, the question was asked 'would he have to go back to his original bid route?' (paraphrase). If the driver on comp had a bid route, I don't see how he could bump a cover driver that bid long term coverage on a route. He should instead, return to the route he bid.

    Here, when drivers go out on comp., long term coverage is bid out to the cover drivers. A driver that already has a bid run cannot bid coverage of another run simply because he liked it more than the run he bid on originally. This would open a giant door for staffing issues because, bid drivers would be bouncing around all over the place and that's wrong. You bid a run, you should run it. They don't have time
    to play musical chairs on the staffing board every morning.

    The only way I could see this as being legit is if, the driver on comp. was out during the bid cycle and was not contacted when his turn to bid came up. This would make him a cover driver by default, and eligible to bump less senior cover drivers off long term coverage bids.
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    In our area the bid would be posted. Since the bid is in mid term,any driver is below the driver going into feeders can bid the route. The driver on comp should have been notified by your steward. Will probably have to be rebid