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    Iam currently an air exception/utility driver & local sorter. Been PT about 6 yrs. My center sup told me 2 1/2 years ago that Iam the next PT to go FT driving. Now I've been told that they have to hire off the street next. At our center we have 2 air drivers and 6 newly hired air exception/utility drivers with me being the only one working consistently (most days consist of 1 1/2 -2 hrs of work in the morning). Our center hired a guy off the street 3-4 years ago that went to school - worked one day - and quit. Iam being told that he doesnt count as an off the street hire. If he counted, 2 other drivers were hired after him - making me #3. We have a whole other separate issue with FT drivers being laid off while PT air drivers work. I live in a small town and Iam uncertain of my union backing me. Has this happened elsewhere?
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    It happened to me back in 1988. I had 3 years part time seniority and I was the next part timer in line to drive( this was back in the days of the 3-1 ratio).An off the street driver was hired,she worked a week and quit. I approached the center manager and told him i was ready to go,just let me know when he needed me.I was told that an off the street driver had to be hired first, and that if he had to go thru 10 people before he found one that would stay he was prepared to do it. I talked to my steward and he told me that was the way it was done,and as a result i didn't go full time for another year
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    In order to count as a off the street hire they need to make there 30 days.
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    We had to hire 3 people to fill our last off the street hire. 2 of them did not make it on their 30 day ride, the last quit before 30. The 4th quit after 1 year. The 4th was replaced by an inside hire, as she already had seniority.
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    I wasn't aware that the company was required to hire outside to meet the ratio, only that they were allowed to hire an outside once the minimum number of inside hires was met.
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    They are not required. In many instances, the company could be showing some good will towards their employees by hiring inside if there are not qualified outside hires interested.
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    This may vary from supplement to supplement but in Upstate NY the ratio for promotion to a FT driving position is 6 to 1, which means they have to hire 1 outside person for every 6 they promote from the inside. When I was hired as an off the street hire the ratio was either 2 to 1 or 3 to 1.
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    +1 ... I do not understand where the requirement is. I get that there is an acceptance of outside hiring in accordance with the Contract but I do not understand where the requirement is.

    While I am highly skeptical that there is any actual requirement in the Contract to hire off the street, I would imagine that the company sees it as cheaper if they can get a new driver without having to insure them and fund their pension while they were a part-timer (maybe someone has some more informed insight than me). We usually have a different issue at our Center... we don't have enough part-timers willing or able to go to full-time in order to fulfill the six inside hires for the ratio. As was stated to me by a part-timer about to become a part-time Utility Driver (with no intentions of becoming full time Cover Driver), "Yeah, the money is good and all but you guys are miserable."
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    Article 22, Section 4, paragraph 1:

    Part-time employees shall be given the opportunity to fill full-time jobs before hiring from the outside on a six for one basis, 6 part time for every 1 outside hire.
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    So it took you 4 years to go full time. Cry me a river.