Oh boy here comes the snow!

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    Well I'm lucky enough to be given a driver opportunity and Im on about day 7 of 30 for my seniority. Sounds like Monday and Tuesday is gonna be snowy here in the Northwest. Of course my training route is smack right on the side a a large hill/mountain. The WHOLE route is nothing but 15 to 20 degree angles. Its nickname is the Mountain Goat route. If we get a few inches of snow do they not build that route? (all residential). If I have to go up there I would be lucky to make it till about 930 or 10. Sounds like even getting stuck is an accident around here. Its just tough when I'm being as safe as I possibly can everyday and now i'm about to be a big brown toboggan. Any pointers?
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    Soberups is from your part of the country (Oregon). He has 23 years experience and I'm sure has driven in the conditions that you are anticipating.

    They will not cut the area for a few inches of snow.

    Getting stuck is an accident ONLY if it costs the company money. If you get stuck and are able to get out on your own you will not be charged with an accident. If there is a road that you absolutely cannot safely get down use Emergency Condition as the reason for the non-delivery; however, if there is a phone number on the package you should try to call the consignee and see if you can arrange an alternate delivery location.

    Do the best that you can as safely as you can.
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    Put your chains on before you have to, because when you have to it may be to late. Call any that have a phone number. Don't let them dictate weather or not you can make it to their house, they probably have front wheel or four wheel drives. It's a safety call on your part and tell them that. Use the Emergency Condition for non delivery and call them in to the center. See if customer will let you will call the package the next day at the center or have it rerouted to their work or a safer delivery point . Most customers will work with you and be glad that just want to make service on their package. Be safe and keep your job be a hero and it will bite you.
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    Buy yourself a tow rope. You can get one at Harbor Freight for less than $20. If you get stuck, just hook the rope to your bumper and stand there, I can gurantee you that the first person who passes by in a 4x4 will stop and pull you out. No joke, I bought one for $5 at a garage sale a few years back and have used it at least 10 times, I never leave the building without it. I will be sharing your pain next week, half my route is above 1000 feet. Good luck, be safe, if you dont think you can make it to a stop sheet it as EC. Where are you by the way?
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    I've had to have the tow truck come out twice now in my career and it was not considered an accident. It is only an accident around here if you damage the truck or someone's property.
    If it has already snowed a couple of inches when you are starting your day, chain up before you leave the building. If you have miles to drive on a level highway, chain up when you get to the mountains. Just remember, deep snow, and the chains are not much help when only on one tire of a dual-wheeled truck. They will dig :censored2: under themselves and leave you spinning on the inside dually. Also, just because you can make the truck move, doesn't guarantee it will stop or steer. Take it slow, and anything too steep, EC.
    Welcome to Brown. Not the cushy job the world thinks it is.
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    Stay positive work safe & smart and don't worry about your times. When you bring it in in one piece they will respect this. It will be like running early.
  7. User Name

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    REMEMBER you don't have to impress or make BOOK for another 18 days or so. So safety should be number 1,2,3, and so on. Do your best, call for help if needed. Good luck.
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    "When it's slick, call-in sick". Chain-up before you start in the hills, not after you are there. If it's a residential route, you can keep the chains on even if there are dry spots and not do any damage because your speed will be low. Check your chains frequently, and tighten as necessary. For us, if you break a chain and it damages the vehicle, it's on you. I'm guessing it's the same at UPS.
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    I was under the impression it is now 40 to book new drivers?
  10. menotyou

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    Still 30 for the last kid who went FT at my center. He went in September. He never drove before that for UPS.
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    Well, Maple85, did you survive your snowy day?
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    Starting to snow in Chema....
  13. klein

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    It's only 18:30 in Oregon..... nobody is home that early on any giving day with UPS, ???
    Check back in 3 hrs ! They got lots of snow as I seen on the news :)
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    Snow above 300 ft in Portland. So, not much in the city. Mainly in the outskirt hills.
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    Yup made it out alive. In my 30 day but they pulled me from my training route cause they were short on drivers in another area. Hey it was flat and snow free so its all good:happy-very: Cant speak for the poor guy that got put on Mountain Goat route.
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    I spent an hour in a ditch waiting for a towtruck. When he got there, he slid into the same ditch that i was in and had to tie off to a tree and winch himself out before he could take care of me. There was only 2 or 3 inches on the ground, but solid ice beneath it. This was at 1000 feet, at 500 feet it was bare pavement and raining. At least I can vent about my day on Brown Cafe with my iphone while walking my dog at 10:00 at night.

    Gotta go, he just left a steaming little gift for me to pick up!
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    The weather patterns around here...especially on my route...are bizzare when it comes to snow. There is quite literally a solid "line" on the hillsides below which there is no snow and above which there can be quite a bit. I have customers whose driveways are packed snow at the top and wet pavement at the bottom. This pic I took today is a perfect example; the lower trees have no snow on them but the ones that are only 100-200 feet higher are covered.

  18. soberups

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    Gotta stay out of those driveways.....so its just me, my handtruck and my DIAD going for a fun little hike up thru the snowy forest!

  19. uber

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    Where are you? Out in Estacada?
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I am home everyday by 1830.