Oh, how I'd like an "80%" Bonus

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    A hefty bonus helped FedEx CIO Robert Carter net a pay package of $5.8 million for fiscal 2012, an 80% increase from his fiscal year 2011 package of $3.2 million, the shipping company said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Monday.

    Carter, who also serves as executive vice president of FedEx Information Services, earned a performance-based cash bonus of roughly $2.4 million, up from a 2011 bonus of $213,629 a year ago.

    Carter’s big pay package was revealed three months after FedEx CEO Fred Smith, who pioneered the modern airfreight business and has built the world’s largest cargo airline by revenue, said in May that Carter is among the best, if not the best CIO, in the world. Carter is credited with using IT to improve the customer experience, including overseeing the development of an application that allows customers to print documents from their smart phone when they enter a FedEx Office store.

    FedEx CIO Robert Carter Pay Hikes 80% to $5.8M - The CIO Report - WSJ
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    You'll get .00008, and like it...or else.
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    Did anyone one else in the company receive a bonus such as this one or Mr S? I know in creative accounting, to make a company look like its not doing as good as it really is, money that would be considered profit would instead be spread out throughout the executive level until very little is left. Then the books would be recalculated and a new,much lower, profit is created. :confused2: