Ohmigod!! There are not going to be any "lighten-ups this year!!

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by helenofcalifornia, Dec 8, 2006.

  1. helenofcalifornia

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    I don't believe it. We are supposed to do our own "lighten ups" this year. We have to do our first one at the UPS store at 2 p.m., then the air pickup at 4:30 and then close out the store at 5:30. What happened to the U Haul rental truck with no shelves that you "put" all the packages? What happened to the utility drivers getting some hours? Geez, what the heck am I going to do with all the volume I pick up at 2? I will still be in the hunt and have about half of my own volume to deliver yet. Who's idea was this? How frustrating! And where's my turkey??
  2. satellitedriver

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    Hey Helen,
    Don't trust the turkey ,you don't know where it has been.
    What is "lighten ups"? I drive a very rural route and do not have to contend with a UPS store. Are you saying that you do three pickups at the same place during PEAK? God help you if that is so.
  3. Griff

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    Sounds like your management is too busy playing dress-up collecting their bonus from cutting trips all year long.

    All the UPS stores here get split trips to lighten up the regular drivers load.
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    We call it a pre-hit. Seasonal hits store late in the afternoon and regular driver cleans up late. We have seasonal doing all of that now. Regular drivers do resi. Seasonal do businesses. I would skip the first two and just go late and pick up, or fill up the truck, go back to the center and unload and then go back out. Call in tell them you'll be over 12 hours and need help. Be a pain in the butt now and make peak easier later.:w00t:
  5. over9five

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    We call it a "sweep". Funny how it has different names everywhere!
  6. Keepingthemhonest

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    we call it a sweep...I say send in the porter if you need it swept so bad
  7. VoiceOfReason

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    We park TP-60's with orange cones around them at the UPS stores parking lots and their people pack them full and the regular driver comes at the regular time, cleans up whats still inside, hooks up and pulls.

    The saturday air drivers clean them out saturday afternoons too. So they have enough room til monday when the TP 60 gets back.
  8. over9five

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    "The saturday air drivers clean them out saturday afternoons.."

    They did that here last Saturday. I wanted to grieve it, as I think that ground work should have been offered to FT drivers.

  9. mattwtrs

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    over9five: Why would you want to work Saturday? If your'e that greedy for some OT then why do you go by over9five on this board? We have had Saturday air drivers picking up selected account's ground on Saturdays for years with a "gentleman's agreement " from the local union. The customers are union companys too that need flexibilities to run their business also. The Saturday drivers make more money & UPS keeps the business!!
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    Hey, watch it. :w00t: I am a porter and as a matter of fact I was sent out last Mon to "sweep" two UPS stores. Made me remember why I decided to give up driving in the first place.
  11. Pkgrunner

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    My TP60 sits all day in a dirt lot 3 miles away from a UPS store with nothing in it but misloads after my satellite driver unloads it in the am. They send 2 brick loaded P500 split route drivers 10 miles from the UPS store to pre-lim it---only after the store calls to complain that they have no room. I should also mention the UPS store is only 2 blocks away from my NDA trace:confused:1

    Peak planning at its best
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    Used to be (in my local) that any full time driver who wanted to could sign up for Saturday air driving. Not on the list? No filing.

    You want free money? Grieve those that work off the clock before their start times, unless you do it too;)