OK, my husband who got fired....hearing is tomorrow

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by upsrwife, Mar 13, 2008.

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    I was wondering how it goes? Is there a mediator? one of the guys told him that it's just the Union rep and Ups and they come to an "aggreement". Also, will he find out tomorrow if he gets his job back? The Union rep seems to think it's a slam dunk since he was fired wrongly.

    thanks again
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    Do not know, but my prayers are with you. Just remember and it will be hard, everything happens for a reason, and maybe, just maybe, Ups isnt to be, and it will be Ok. Keep us posted.
    I have never been fired, I dont think I would want to go back if I was. And with so many ?s surrounding his, maybe he wouldnt be comfortable either.
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    good luck
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    From what you posted originally, it sounds like your husband should keep his job. You said that he was fired because he was pulling out of a driveway and involved in a minor accident. Nobody hurt and other car was driven home under its own power. If that is all there is to it and the union does its job, he should be alright. Let us know how it turns out, good luck.
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    Don't be surprised or worried if the first meeting ends in your hubby being terminated, that isn't the end. There could be as many as 3 ( I think) deadlocked panel hearings before it would go to an arbitrator(mediator). My best guess is that he may end up with an offer to come back to work with a time period of suspension without pay. The amount of time would depend on the whims of some UPS management person.
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    good luck to him,i'll be surprised if he dosn't get it back. sounds like some young hard :censored2: mgr wants to make a name for himself,and by doing this to your husband he's trying to put fears in others your husband should take you out for a nice dinner and do some repairs on your mothers house!! he owes yah!!!!!!! lol best of luck!!!!
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    Well????? So what happened?

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    Well, he didn't get it back, it turned out to be a real knock down drag out. My husband said it was very heated and at one point he thought it would turn out in a fist fight.:knockedout:

    The union guy was so mad, that he added my husbands hearing in on Tuesday in Alabama as an add on. So We will see what happens tuesday. I really don't want to get into specifics, but when I tell you, you will see why this is so rediculus. The Union really feels that the center manager is out to get my husband for whatever reason.

    My question is, how do they even have a hearing without a moderator? it was just union and ups thismorning. of course ups is going to stick to their gun and make it difficult.

    Sad day,
    I will keep you posted, thanks.
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    It sounds like to me you had a "pre-panel" hearing at the center in which your husband works at. Believe me (I'm a former shop steward) the center manager and district labor manager will always take you to panel even if they know they'll lose...they want to make your husband quirm and send a message to the rest of the center.
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    All they have to do is wallpaper your stewards with driver writeups and discharges. You'll have more balls in the air than you can juggle. That is a fact. You'll drop one, you'll drop two, you'll drop three, etc. Teamsters really aren't coordinated jugglers.

    If someone competent is "after" you they'll get you. That is as it should be. You work for them - and on their behalf - and in their interest. Anytime that changes you should be shown the door for whatever reason - even if they don't "like" you, don't "like" your religion, don't "like" your race, don't "like" your sex, etc.

    Welcome to the Real World. Get used to it unless you want to see increased job losses.
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    Running late,

    Not always. But in some cases you are very correct. It becomes a question of saving face and showing power and might. Such a shame really, when emotions are checked at the door and only adults with no private agenda at stake can reach a decision on things like this.

    Wife, right now through to the last step, it is union and company, each with equal number of members that will make the decision. Only at the very end will it come to arbitration. Like Running said, it sounds like the first hearing, with the panel getting it next week. Maybe one of the company members will vote with the union, maybe not.

    Two things though. First, this is why no matter how easy the case sounds, even cut and dry, you never know how they will turn out. Ever. That is why in some cases, if the company offers a way out, its usually a good idea to seriously consider taking the way out.

    Secondly, if the case were as cut and dry as it were presented, I doubt seriously if the company would waste the time and effort, not to mention money to take this very far. I find when I hear a story like this, there are other mitigating things that enter into the over all picture of the employee and the reason they are discharged.

  12. runnin' late

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    85212, how long have you worked at UPS and have you ever been to a panel hearing? Believe me I've seen alot of stupid people on both sides of the table.
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    Your husband needs to file for unemployment immediatly. Once they find this out they will be more willing to get him back to work.

    There insurance rates go up and at least your husband will be getting a check.

    Unemployment benefits are not retro...This being said if he gets his job back without pay he get paid for his time off!

    Good luck and use your judgement.

    Unemployment can be processed over the internet!

    Do a search and it only takes a few minutes!
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    file unemployment the bfirst day you willbe aproved in 24 hours then the company has 24 hours to appeal the wont good luck dont resign dont resign dont resign
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    I haven't filed unemployment yet, I just have alot of savings and it's wasn't the first thing to come to mind. should I still do it? can you give me a website?

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    Unemployment filing will be based on which state you live in. Do a Google search for your state and unemployment benefits.
  18. toonertoo

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    I would do it, just search on your state, and do it. Might as well get whats coming to him, until he gets back. If they say no, what did it cost. Good luck, hang tough.
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    UPS wife...Good luck to you guys...I don't know why but I feel positive your husband will get his job back soon.I've seen so many fired for worse that didn't do panel and I've seen worse go to panel and make it back...We all have..Stay positive....and keep looking for a back up plan just in case...Who know's, there might be someone who needs a hard working, honest, clean cut american with a strong work ethic that pays almost as well as UPS but less stress!...God Bless and be strong...keep the browns ready....Gas
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    My guess is it will go down as a suspension...nothing more. I have seen my share of ups drivers involved in intersection accidents that were more serious than your husbands and none of them were fired. I believe they do this to send a message to the group. Intersection accidents usually cost ups a ton of money in court, so they don't let the driver off with a pat on the back and a "don't do it again". However it goes, good luck!