OK, so UPS and FedEx are starting to hire PEAK temp drivers this early...

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    ... I've already been a peak driver for FedEx Home Delivery.

    $12.xx per hour + time-1/2 over 8 hours per day

    bonus incentive program of getting extra $ if you didn't get into an accident driving the rental vehicle during Nov xx to Dec xx

    Ground is more like UPS, with their pickup times as well as DR to a mixture of businesses and residentials (I didn't like the fact that you walk into a packed delivery vehicle in the morning & you have to figure out the mess before you drive out of the terminal)

    at least with HD, you sort/arrange/pack your own delivery vehicle so you get a printed manifest of every single parcel in your van before you roll out! sometimes, they'll also give you a printed map with the delivery sequence #s that you can follow if you're new to the delivery area. (as a swing/cover temp driver, this is very useful in providing 100% service daily & I can "clean plate" a few times because of it)

    that's about the main pros for the purple side...

    I was trained under the Smith System of defensive driving (it was overkill, but useful) back in the mid 2000s. Now since they don't want to pay all the copyright fees to use their materials, the purple giant has invented S.A.F.E. instead...


    but back to the Brown Company.

    anyone here was a past temp driver for UPS? and did that help you go into FT as a driver?

    what's the accelerated training like?

    will they use temp drivers to do mainly residential deliveries or will they use some just for pickups from businesses?

    I know Brown pays better because there was a fellow peak purple driver last year that has applied to both simultaneously, but Fedex called him in first...

    I'm just posing this question to see what this is like in comparison to the purple temp drivers so that other potential peak temp drivers can have something to go by when researching who to drive for this year.
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    so no past peak ups drivers here at all?
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    Most, if not all of UPS' peak drivers come from working inside the warehouse the rest of the year.
  4. bottomups

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    Been delivering the 25 past peaks. Hopefully only a couple more!
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    HomeDelivery, We haven't hired Peak only Drivers for a very long time..........I wish they would start back. They just load us up with Driver Helpers instead. We have plenty of extra package cars, they just don't want to put extra routes on the road. A long time ago, we did have Peak Drivers hired and our Customer Service Reps would put Browns on a deliver out of rentals.
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    scratch, thanks for that reply... weird that it's not happening in other states, but in NJ they are hiring UPS drivers for peak season since last year... both for drivers and helpers

    ditto with rental vehicles on the FedEx side; it's either with Ryder, Enterprise, Budget & Avis or Uhaul if those others are out of vehicles...
  7. Signature Only

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    I started as a peak driver in Oct 1992. 6 peak drivers were hired and I was the only one that made it to Xmas. I ran a full mall route with residential.

    The main thing I remember is waking up at 2 in the morning starving.

    Oh...got hired back in April 93 & spent 7 1/2 years part-time (worked a full-time job also) before going driving.
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    thanks for the reply sig, any recently hired temp drivers out there to add to this? say within the past 5 years?

    same training for regular UPS drivers or some hasty accelerated training? stuff like that