Old question: Rehire after leaving the Big Brown?

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  1. cuongcrystal

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    Hello everyone,
    I know this is an old question as I just researched for old threads about this. But I still wanna ask you something.

    I had worked for UPS for almost 2 years as a preloader. I was quite good at my job, could handle a big load, had very few misloads, and was friendly with everyone. (and I think I was one of the rare Asian guys could handle the job, well, at least at my hub) The one thing I sucked was my attendance. To be honest, I had quite call-ins, write-ups about my attendance. But other than that, I had never, ever had any other trouble (such as safety or insubordination).
    Last year, I finally quit. Well, it wasn't in good terms as I should have done. It was bad that I didn't think ahead to some day that I want to come back to UPS. I recently tried to apply back to UPS (at another hub in my area as my old hub recently doesn't post any hiring jobs on the web) but was shot down right at the interview as the supervisor said they didn't rehire.

    Could anyone please tell me or answer me some questions:
    1/ What can I do to be able to get rehired by UPS?
    2/ How long do I have to wait to get my no-rehire status off my record?
    3/ If I move to another state, will my no-rehire status be there with me also?
    4/ If I apply for the UPS helper in the Christmas season peak time, does that status be applied as well?

    I really miss being a UPSer. The time I spent there was really fun. Hard work but well-rewarded. I had good friends, great supervisors. Everyone knows everyone. The best time, really. Just then I didn't realize all that!

    Please share with me any thoughts you would have. Really appreciate that!

    Cuong Ng.
  2. dilligaf

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    The only hope you might have is to get your old mgr to change your rehire status. No rehire means just that, no rehire. It's lifetime. It won't be changed after a period of time.
  3. Random_Facts

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    I've always heard about the famous "No re-hired list". Now that might be true in some areas. But I know at our hub. People not only get fired/quit. But also get re-hired on just as soon as they get let go. UPS management begs for people to come back on. Ironic though, the management is why people leave in the first place. What a 'fun' cycle that is.
  4. Covemastah

    Covemastah Suspension Ovah !!! Tom is free FU Goodell !!

    Your attendence killed you,, I got rehired after a year but was in good standing !! That was 23 yrs ago and Im still here !!! SHOW UP EVERY DAY and CALL if you can't make it in !! Simple as that !!!
  5. working up a sweat

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    I was rehired in 2009 for peak, originally worked PT for UPS from 1997-2001. I had to quit because I was laid off from my FT job and immediately was offered a new FT job working 7 PM to 7 AM. I could not continue working for UPS because all 3 of their shifts conflicted with my FT schedule. I talked to management and told them I have to quit and would like to comeback some day and leaving on good terms. The reason being that I like working for UPS and would like to get enough service to qualify for the Teamsters pension. I was also on the safety committee and the employee retention committee. I worked hard with a positive attitude and showed up every night on time. Took about 6 sick days in 4 years. In 2009 when I applied online to UPS, I checked off that I used to work there. Went to interview and told HR person that I was a former employee and had to leave on good terms. I dropped names of former sups and words like "familiar with the UPS work ethic." They re-hired me. The HR person later told me she got 1,200 applications and had 37 openings for peak. I was rehired on 10-02-09 and knew the score that this was a try out. If you show every night on time, work hard with a good attitude, you have a good chance of being retained after peak. After peak they retained me (only 5 of the 37 peak new hires were kept). Don't forget to keep your Teamsters withdrawal card and present it when you apply again. You will save the 450.00 initiation fee that you paid when you first worked there.
  6. packageguy

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    To my understandings, no-rehire is just that, I'm sorry to say there is no shot, I don't want to sound rude. Try fdx you might get lucky
  7. MarshallStack

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    Don't listen to any of the negative know-nothings on here,I quit twice and was rehired
    this year,I'm now a full-time package car driver.If you have the ability to relocate,you should re-apply at
    other locations and perhaps get a transfer(not guaranteed) in the future.I would pick a location that I would
    be willing to stay at.Companies come and go,UPS isn't going anywhere...Good luck.
  8. dilligaf

    dilligaf IN VINO VERITAS

    You, apparently, did not clearly understand what the OP said. He has a NO REHIRE status. Not one person hear said anything about not being able to be rehired, after quitting with a good rehire status. The truth has been spoken very clearly and plainly. The likelihood of the OP being rehired with a NO REHIRE status is nil.
  9. MarshallStack

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    I had a NO REHIRE STATUS from the last time I quit.I was asked why I quit during the interview,I told them I wasn't earning enough to pay my bills,and had to seek full-time employment.It took them a week to investigate the matter,my status was then changed to REHIRE.I'm now full-time package car.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Do you make enough now to pay your bills? Or do you simply have bigger bills now that you are making more money?
  11. MarshallStack

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    I get your point.I have an elderly parent that had health problems at the time.I had to make up the diff that SSI/MEDICARE didn't cover.She's well now,and so are my finances.
  12. cuongcrystal

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    Thank you very much everyone for your thoughts in my matter.

    @ Random_Facts: Hmm, strange, I've never heard anything like that. But, there was something I forgot to mention in my first post: There was 2 periods of times I worked for UPS, the first time was for like 6 months (Twilight, great attendance, never call-ins) -->maybe this helped me had a "Rehire" status so that I could apply back to UPS as a preloader (for almost 2 years). Well sorry everyone that I totally forgot to mention this in the first place!

    Thanks for all the "carrots and canes". I understand more clearly where I'm at now. I will maybe try to write a letter to the center manager or go to the "dark-side" with FedEx or simply just think about UPS as beautiful memories!

    Thanks to eveyrone!
  13. Re-Raise

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    I am sure you are. How was Integrad? Are you a seasonal? When did you make seniority?

    Take your time and make up something good.
  14. dilligaf

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    They changed your status to rehire. You got lucky. Good for you.
  15. hdkappler

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