Omaha Mall shooting

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    Understand that 3 UPSers had family members that were victims. A driver's wife, another driver's sister (in-law?) and a supervisor's mother-in-law were among the victims at the Westroads Mall shooting.
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    Omaha Teamsters Mourn Losses

    December 6, 2007

    Two Teamster families in Nebraska are victims of yesterday’s tragic shooting at Omaha’s Westroads Mall.

    Beverly Flynn, the wife of UPS package-car driver Patrick Flynn; and Diane Trent, sister of UPS package-car driver Bill Clavin, were both killed. Both Teamsters are members of Local 554 in Omaha.

    The victims of the shooting included five females and four males, including the gunman.

    “Our hearts go out to these members, their families and everyone else affected by this senseless tragedy,” said Jim Sheard, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 554.
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    I received this via email from friend in Nebraska
    Please keep these UPS families in your prayers.
    Feeder Supervisor Randy Schaefer's mother-in-law.
    Another tragic and senseless shooting.
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    My hands are on the keys , about to make a poor mother-in-law joke. I can't do it.
    May the Great Deliverer of grace send their souls to heaven as fast as the angels in brown can go.
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    I am just wondering no one hasn’t spoken up from Media or The White House, questioning these young people’s faith, who are killing innocent people in Malls and Schools. I think it’s time to run background check on every student, warrantless wiretap and search, and surveillance all the churches to see where are these young terrorists coming from. It’s now time to use Patriot Act on public schools and take suspicious pupils into custody for questioning for months.
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    That mall is a gun free zone. People who could have stopped this attack were PREVENTED from carrying their legal firearms.

    From the following article:
    "The law-abiding, not criminals, are obeying the rules. Disarming the victims simply means that the killers have less to fear.",2933,315563,00.html
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    I don't understand your point about using surveillance on churches. These shooters usually have mental problems and they are not the church going types. School Staffs have more interaction with these young people than anyone else outside of their homes. My wife works in the school system. Although a lot of teachers aren't good at spotting emotional problems themselves. I have worked as a volunteer leader the last twelve years with teen age boys and it is easy to spot the ones that have a lot of issues. We had to kick two kids out of our Boy Scout Troop because they were too violent and their parents would not discipline them in any way. This latest senseless act of violence seems to be a result of the authorities letting someone out that isn't ready to be in society.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all the families of these victims.
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    Please my friends, do not shop in "gun free zones". Criminals are drawn to these places for one reason. They know you (or anyone else) will not have a gun to defend yourself.
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    Thanks to you, Jon Frum and Sad Day for the info and my thoughts and prayers go out to all.