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    I guess we don't get the discount for Omaha Steaks anymore, I just went to the Scaled down Discount page, Smart Savings and it looks like they screwed the pooch with that contract discount. Oh Well I guess I pay a little more this year to BBQ
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    I didn’t notice the discount was gone. However, as an avid griller my advice would be to do better than Omaha anyway. Find a local butcher shop that will cut steaks to order. My local guy always has better prices and, in my opinion, much better cuts then Omaha.
    Just talking about it makes me hungry for a good ribeye.
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    Most major supermarkets also have the butcher section with triple AAA meats. They are more expensive, then those cuts on the shelf, but if you want tripple AAA, thats the price to pay.
    But, like sano says, some small butchers, sell meat for less, and most of the time, better meats.
    Or buy a whole quarter of a cow, cut, packed and frozen. That's if you have a family.
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    The only thing Omaha Steaks had going for them was correct portioning if you are watching your weight. You can do much better in your local grocery store. Real grillers know that filet mignons are NOT where it's at!

    You need marbelling for superb flavor.......bone-in or boneless rib eyes are the way to go. When your store has them on sale, that's when to stock up.

    Sometimes there will be rib-eyes in the end sectiion of the meat counter.....must be sold, but still real good. Buy those and they can be frozen or used right away.

    I only use Omaha Steaks now when someone sends me a gift card. We have an Omaha store here in our area and we are able to save the shipping.
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    More, I agree with you. Ribeyes are the only way to go. They are the best steaks.
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    You can find Omaha Steaks coupons online.
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    You never had the Brownmonster's bacon wrapped, marinated filets. My family doesn't like any fat in the meat, they like the filet better then the ribeye. I like all grilled meat.
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    fat is what give meat flavor ask any butcher. People think that the best meat has little to no fat they are wrong. Anything you buy from Omaha steaks is way over priced even when you get a discount your still paying more than $20 a lb
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    We had a discussion years ago (I'm too lazy to search it now), about how Omahas regular page was cheaper than the UPS discount. You would pay MORE using your UPS "discount".

    I haven't ordered Omaha Steaks in years. It is way overpriced.
  10. brown bomber

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    however, if you wish to send a very nice gift......the gift of food (steak,chicken,pork,or seafood) is always appreciated.........I only use Omaha Steak as an out-of-state gift, it's always appreciated by the recipient, even though some folks consider it " overpriced"
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    How does the Omaha Steaks compare to Allen Brothers steaks?
    I Don't recall seeing Omaha Steaks sent through by air, but I keep seeing those pizza from Tasteofchicago/Lou Malnati's
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    Words of wisdom.
    My deep freeze is full of these finds.
    MoreLuck is the Queen of recipes on BC, but she has not fully addressed the art of grilling a great medium rare steak.
    Here is my recipe;
    Pull steak out of freezer, do not thaw.
    Season to taste, which should be salt, garlic and pepper.
    Place frozen steak on a hot grill.
    2 minutes per side, to seal the juices in.
    From that point on, you can let it cook to your desired "doneness".
    On my grill, it is about another 1 to 2 minutes for medium rare.
    Let the steak rest for a couple of minutes before cutting.
    Frozen to plate in about 10 minutes, that is my kinda fast food.

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  14. Signature Only

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    Good ribeyes, seasoned and wrapped tightly in plastic...age in the fridge for up to 30 days...and yum yum yum.
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    Sat's right. I don't address grilling because hubby does all the outside cooking. He does a mean pork tenderloin.
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    Omaha is great steaks!!!!
  17. Red Rose Tea

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    agree. Omaha steaks with UPS discount was not a bargain at all. Their advertised specials or on-line specials were much cheaper.

    Like Sano said, your better off going to a local butcher for good quality meat.

    I use Omaha only for gift giving.

    Just like years back you could get a UPS discount on Panasonic products when you bought directly from the Panasonic store. It was and is much cheaper to buy from Newegg on line - prices cheaper, no sales tax and free shipping specials.

    I only buy rib-eye - my family prefers thin sliced though.
  18. Red Rose Tea

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    Will have to try this. Can you use any thickness of meat? Like I posted, my family prefer thin sliced rib-eye...
  19. klein

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    I always spice my steaks before freezing (gives it time to soak up the spices, while freezing, and while defrosting) - No, I don't cook from frozen.
    I also never add salt to my steaks. Since salt will close the pores of the meat. Just garlic powder, pepper, some saltfree seasoning salt or paprika, and also some saltfree clubhouse steak spice.
    Now and then, I also use a store bought marinating sauce as well. Safeway sells a good one (safeway select brand - caribbean jerk flavour, or Knorr La Grille (smokehouse mesquite).

    I also like a variety of steaks, won't say Ribeye is the best, it's good to have a NY Striplion or a T-Bone, too. (whatsever on sale).
  20. moreluck

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    I use McCormick Montreal Steak Rub & Olive oil

    I used to love Porterhouse Steaks, but just the small filet side......the other side is tough to me.