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    I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading on this site and find it very interesting

    I've been on here for awhile but just joined last night- I'm married to an on road supervisor who is now working on a special assignment. He's been with the company for 13 years and we have endured many many hours without him. He is a very dedicated employee who puts in around 65 hours a week.

    Thank you all for your hard work as well!
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    Thank you for being a supportive UPS wife.
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    65 hours a week is obscene.
    Thanks for joining.
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    ​Welcome to Brown Café. Have patience, I guess we can say he is climbing the ladder of success..
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    it's sad,but that is the average in my building for supervisor hours. I hope they get paid very well
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    Yeah the hours are horrible- he does get some good weeks once in awhile but it's what I know it will be as long as he is with UPS

    It's crazy though that this is the normal for you guys... He has been there so long that he doesn't even feel he could do a "normal" 40 hour a week position.

    I do hope to see him become a manager as does he but he is involved with his new assignment. Sorry not saying more then that- I'm sure more will be talking about it soon.

    I love seeing the different views from the drivers to the managers. I know what he tells me on operations and from what I can also make on it and it is always enlightening to see how your own point of view on your position can actually change so many others job daily.

    Such as a drivers perception on how the sups or managers treat them or even how the sups or managers perception on the drivers. My husband will get heated when we talk about his day because sometimes he feels so strongly on how a driver may be working the system or taking advantage. Which from what he says- I can see how that can happen or it can be perceived that way. Then reading through the posts here and taking it as how the drivers feel about the managers- that they have it out or that they are just looking for something.

    Like I said its interesting seeing it from both sides.

    I love most hearing from him about the positive days that he had cause his drivers killed it. I hope to hear more from the people on here about the positives of their co-workers.

    Thanks again guys! I appreciate the work you guys do and helping my hubby. If any other wives are on here love to hear from you. It really takes a lot of understanding on our ends to accept not having their husbands home. And I know my patience and understanding runs thin a lot of times and I hope that reading through these forums I will learn to get better at it
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    Tell him to use his youth and bravado somewhere else. From what I have seen being in mgmt at this point, 2013, will only mean more of the same. Have a normal life, with somewhat normal hours, somwhere his work is appreciated. Us drivers can only kill it for so long. It not like hes in the military and he is away from home, doing a meaningful job. Its cardboard, its not a reason to be away from your family that many hours a week. There are other jobs out there, that pay just as much, if you are young enough. JMHO
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