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Discussion in 'The Archives' started by lifer, Mar 14, 2003.

  1. lifer

    lifer Guest

    one of my stops today was for a package that was brown in color and in the shape of a cube.

    does anyone knoow what this means?

    I am trying to figure it out ---but there have been so many others alike but not quite.

    anyone, anyone at alll?/??????????

    i think it may be a setup
  2. rushfan

    rushfan Guest

    I woke up, and was wearing brown. I was handed a machine and was told it was my brain for 9.5 hours. They told me to never break the 9.5 rule, which I constantly do-heavy work load....I questioned the authority who handed my 'brains' how long I've been doing this strange work. The authority told me 10 years-6 in maximum security, next to a conveyer belt, 4 years on work release.

    Upon signing my "brain" people would either say, "I hate signing that", or "That's not my signature".

    My conclusion-It's a government project, started in 1907. We are taken at birth, and programmed to become this "Brown Army".
  3. over9five

    over9five Guest

    "It's a government project, started in 1907. We are taken at birth, and programmed to become this "Brown Army". "
    A very interesting post. Your conclusion makes perfect sense to me! Im sure you're in danger now.... They'll hunt you down.. They'll want to silence you... The cigarette smoking man....
  4. wigman

    wigman Guest

    One of my stops won't sign my brain untill she rubs it with some lysol.
  5. over9five

    over9five Guest

    Thats funny, I just gave a woman a stylus Friday for her to keep cuz she hates to touch the one EVERYBODY uses!
  6. rushfan

    rushfan Guest

    Same thing happens to me. I've seen Lysol wipes, and stylus also. How many times are you told, "I hate signing this thing", and "Can you erase it so I can sign clearly".
  7. lifer

    lifer Guest

    n/k----people think that we have all day.

    even when they see us in a hurry.

    i always tell them--'I have to type in your last name anyway, so just do your best and whatever that is will be fine'---everyday with some folks out there.

  8. bigbrownone

    bigbrownone Guest

    How about this one "Do I sign my name?" No you idiot sign mine.....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
  9. local175

    local175 Guest

    check this out! came to the last pickup of the day 8:30 p.m...time to go home,tired,christmas time. Get the picture? A lady has a pickup for something like seventy boxes. Fine... no problem. Start loading them in the truck and low and behold no labels on them. So I ask. Where are labels? She responds I thought you all knew where they were going. Oh yeah, it happened.
  10. upsdude

    upsdude Guest


    Don't worry about the "line", just sign it in the box! Oh Kay!
  11. dannyboy

    dannyboy Guest


    Did you know that one end of the stylus is for blondes and the other for every body else?

    Or the best is have them sign it, then say their name VERY SLOWLY and CLEARLY into the little holes at the top of the DIAD so I dont have to type it in.

    What a job!

  12. wigman

    wigman Guest

    Have you actually been asked "Which end do I sign with? " Because I have been asked that at leaste onece every day since we went to DIADIII about 2 years ago. Some times I just can't help myself and tell them to use the pointy end.
  13. yonnko

    yonnko Guest

    I have fun with some customers I know I can joke around with. I tell them it's like an Etch A Sketch. Shake it and your signature disappears so you can do it again. I get alot people with that one. We all get a good laugh.
  14. wigman

    wigman Guest

    That's a good one yonnko. I used that one today. I hope you don't mind.
  15. rushfan

    rushfan Guest

    At times I tell people to speak into the diad speaker. I tell them we audio record their names incase if a shipper doesn't belive the consignee signed for the package.
  16. trouble1903

    trouble1903 Guest

    I tell them it's an evil etch a sketch when there
    signautre is unreadable. They laugh and forget what there signature looked like.