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  1. ben21

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    Has anyone had the opportunity to work as a vendor/contractor for OnTrac? I was a Ground contractor until about 4 years ago. I wanted to expand from my one truck, but routes started selling for over 150k each in my market, so that became impossible for me at the time.

    From what I've heard, OnTrac offers opportunities to vendors, which differs from the Ground model. Essentially you don't "own" your territory. Basically it's given to you for free and you're a vendor in the same way other large companies hire vendors to supply goods/services. As a result, you can't buy or sell your routes. And yes, I'm aware they could get rid of a vendor at any time, just like any supplier can.

    Any insight or experiences with OnTrac would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. MrFedEx

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    Most of their drivers appears to be fresh off the boat and don't understand English very well. Plus, they still drive like they did in their home country. Think Ground, but even lower, if that's possible.
  3. FedEx GT

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    I have talked to some sub-contractors that wanted to come over and work for me. From what they told me there are contracts to buy but every year someone can outbid you for the route. They are running like ground did back in the day which will change at some point. 1099 all of their drivers "subcontractors" make them use their own fuel, van, uniforms, etc.
    All of these guys that talked to me are making close to what I start people at before expenses little better deal over here since my guys don't pay for their truck, uniforms, scanners, fuel, taxes, etc.
    Sounded like a hard way to make much money being that you have to bid in cheap enough to get the route, pay that little of a wage, and outsource all expenses to turn a profit being the middle man.
  4. OrioN

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    Yea, there's another sub-forum for these companies, but its just collecting cobwebs, sine no one from those companies ever chime in to offer their perspectives...

    I rarely saw a Lasership delivery driver during peak season, where did they go? ??
  5. onehandsolo

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    I had a lasership driver tell me about a year ago that they lost a lot of there Amazon volume to the usps.
  6. OrioN

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    Makes sense , i saw a few usps LLVs delivering on a Sunday this afternoon... since they're under 10,000 lbs, they're exempt from DOT HOS?

    Ah, mybe they're PT couriers making some extra money...
  7. ben21

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    Interesting... The contact I spoke to described a process in which they award 5-10 routes to a single supplier to run. Sounds a lot like ISP model, so maybe things have, or are changing. I'm supposed to get more info this week and will post back what I find out.
  8. ben21

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    Yeah I saw the other one, but due to the cobwebs, figured it would be better to post here.
  9. OrioN

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    Uh, oh... looks like they, too, want to avoid similar lawsuits from single owner- operators...

    Mr FX & GT painted a decent picture. So if you're willing to pay even lower than what FX ground/HD does & deal with some poop type deliveries i saw on that other subforum, go for it.

    In my area, i noticed a few dodge ram promaster cargovans with the amazon logo on a magnetic decal on the doors... so maybe amazon are hiring directly instead of going to those 3rd rate companies
  10. ben21

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    Yeah, Amazon is definitely exploring the shipping business. They're already testing Ground and Air products, and they're already offering PrimeNow deliveries in several areas. PrimeNow is operating like Uber/Lyft (1099).
  11. FedExer267

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    Did anyone see at Christmas I believe it was the 23rd I was out delivering and saw regular cars with boat loads of Amazon in the trunk. I found it funny these delivery guys and gals would walk about half way up to the house and throw the box at the door.. Had to laugh is this there new delivery service we keep hearing about.
  12. OrioN

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    267, are u also on the west coast? I heard of FX Ground hiring scabs being mentioned in another thread... i recall saying ill be a scab too, dropping my current contractor if they offered me $10 per stop
  13. FedExer267

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    yes SC. Scabs did get 10 the first day the next day they wanted 11 a stop and they got that too.
  14. Purplepackage

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    If you want to own your own business this type of work is not for you. Go cut grass and plow snow at least you can say its your business and your not working for someone else but paying for all operating costs
  15. STFXG

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    From my understanding they bid out for "regional" contractors and those guys contract out single routes. Basically they 1099 their employees like Ground used to operate, but the drivers still pay their own expenses. The guys driving under the regional contractors make less, after expense, than Ground drivers do. The contractors were billing the drivers for insurance and other costs.

    I talked to them a while ago when they were looking for contractors in my area. Wasn't appealing.
  16. sandwich

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    all fed ex ground drivers are scabs.
  17. bacha29

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    Offering 10 buck is true and it simply outraged contractors in that area. People hauling in their own vehicles on private vehicle insurance and God only knows whose DOT operating authority they were working under. On Trac would appear to be another FXG wanna be who believes that it can copy the FXG model and maintain the same level of command and control as you would employees and get away with it just like Uber and Lyft etc. But given that OnTrac is at the present time operating only on the West Coasr they will have to go nationwide quickly if they want to survive. As for Amazon they recently bought out a French based delivery company making it clear that they are at least experimenting with the idea of going it alone.
  18. Route 66

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    Just curious - how do you figure? A scab is a strikebreaker.
  19. FedEx GT

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    He has no answer, just ignorant like anyone else that says it
  20. sandwich

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    fed ex hired sub contracted drivers to deliver extra volume. what's the difference between their subcontracted drivers or an independant owners subcontracted driver. if anything the people hired directly by FedEx this peak to deliver packages are less scabby then the drivers who work for an ic. also I said all FedEx ground drivers are scabs because to even be a scab would imply that there is a union involved.