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  1. eeobrown

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    Anyone that has experience with the panel would love 2 get ur advice/opinion/help... okay i was rushed 2 the hospital on an ambulence X amount of time ago and while hospitalized was literally unable 2 contact ups while i was hospitalized. While in hospital ups tried 2 deliver the 48-hr notice and termination letters. As soon as i got out i reported and learn i have no job so went 2 the hall and filed grievance. Had a local x amount of time ago and ups's position is that of grievance was not filed in a timely manner and case is going 2 panel coming up. I have all documentation that i was hospitalized and also had no way to contact anyone whatsoever via letter from dr and hospital. Pretty much lookin 4 opinions/educated guess's 2 how this is most likely gonna turn out at panel ty guys 4 help.
  2. PiedmontSteward

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    Strongly doubt a termination will be upheld with documented evidence you were hospitalized.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I am sorry for what you are going through but find it very hard to believe that you were unable to call your local center at any time during your hospital stay.

    That being said, PS is right---you will get your job back.
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    For what reason were you in the hospital and why were you unable to use phone or have a family member contact your center?
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    I have yet to understand why you are not in management!
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    No offense, but this story sounds strangely familiar.
  7. The Other Side

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    If this was a "drug overdose" case, or hospitalization because of a drunk driving case, then good luck. Unless you were in a constant state of a coma, you had no legitimate reason not to contact your employer through family, friends or even the hospital.

    Your story most likely will end up relating to some substance abuse, but thats only my guess.


  8. eeobrown

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    hospitilization was not do to drug or alcohol abuse period. I am not going to put exactly what i was in hospital 4 do to some1 in mgmt stumbiling across this thread and also i did not have family to notify ups at the time and due to my condition getting worse i was sedated pretty much the minute i arrived at hospital.
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You couldn't scrawl a note and hand it to a nurse?
  10. Shifting Contents

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    How about a smoke signal?
  11. eeobrown

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    I was on life support and have documentation confirming this
  12. undies

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    Whatever it was, I hope you're all better now. Let us know what happens.
  13. Jackburton

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    I'd imagine you'll be fine.
  14. eeobrown

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    I could be wrong but i feel/think my odds are at least 60% reinstated 40% upheld. Still though concerned that i havent found anything in contract or sup supporting my case, also worried about other threads about how the's panel can get post-poned and also the not knowing anything about the panel process. My Ba has a meeting with mgmt this week so hopefully it might get settled and avoid even going there.
  15. brownmonster

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    As usual, many details are being left out. You would think a nurse or doctor would inquire if there is an employer that needs to be notified.
  16. eeobrown

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    What details r missing? My full name and Center #, and im not looking 4 whyor how ups wasnt contacted. Im looking for ur opinion on the outcome of hearing! Maybe this will make it more simple:

    1. Was hospitalized 4 life-threatning illness
    2. Was physically unable to notify (HAVE DOCUMENTATION FROM HOSPITAL CONFIRMING THIS)
    3. Was NOT drug or alcohol related in any form or fashion Period!
    4. UPS not recieving info on my hospitalization resulted in my seperation
    5. Contacted UPS and union as soon as physically possible
    6. Case is being sent to panel on grounds of me not disputing termination within the 10 days we r afforded
  17. Limper

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    Were you able to tap out morse code with your index finger?
  18. packageguy

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    The way it will work is, if you are a problem child, trouble maker in there eyes you will have a tuff time. But if you come to work and do your job, you will be okay, worsted case a 1day suspense... Keep us informed.. Good luck...
  19. ronroper

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    Did it have anything to do with a mental condition and being heavily sedated?
  20. eeobrown

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    no mental issue actual health problem