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    Are opt out lists being posted in any centers? We are supposed to be able to sign a list to opt out of excessive overtime. (Article 37, Section 1[c] ) Our manager says they don't do it, but instead follow this policy: If they cause a driver to work over 9.5 hours 3 times in a week the individual driver may go to the center manager and ask to be put on the list. The manager then looks at your dispatch and decides if you are really being over dispatched or if they think you are slacking. If it's the latter, they refuse to put the driver on the list. Management posted an opt out list once and every driver signed it. Now a lot of the drivers are intimitated and think they will be harassed if they ask to be put on the list. Today a driver said he was told he will have to have a supervisor ride before they will even consider it. The contract clearly says the list will be posted for drivers to sign, but I'm wondering if the Company and Union made an agreement to handle it this new way. Our union business agent is about worthless when it comes to getting answers to questions like this so I'm asking all of you how your centers are doing it.
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    They won't hang one in my center. Never have, even when asked.
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    One time in my center. A few people signed it. Never heard about it again.
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    We have to have our numbers "reviewed" if we want to be on the list after 3 days over 9.5. Its a crappy way to interpret the contract, but our steward is pretty good and he said that is how it was being done too. I went into the mgrs office about a year ago, hopping mad about 9.5s. We had words, they rode me for 3 days and I haven't had the issue since. Its a PITA to have the ride, but if there's nothing to hide, take it. It helped me out big time. I hardly ever am out past 9.5, let alone 3 times in a week to get on the list.