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  1. maybrown

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    When I picked my vacation, I had 1 option week. What is " the option week"? Can I treat it like a vacation week? Thanks!
  2. dilligaf

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    An option week you can split up into individual days or a block of individual days or take as one whole week.
  3. brownrodster

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    Depends on what regional contract you are under. In my area we get regular vacation weeks, option week, and option days. We don't get the choice of splitting up our option week here. We have option days for that. Plus we get sick days.

    Vacation weeks - X number of 45 hour weeks you are required to take

    Option week - a week of vacation you can either work through and get paid for or take off as a paid week. pays 40 hours instead of 45.

    Option days - 5 8 hour days you can take off whenever.

    Sick days - 5 8 hour days per year you can take off when you are sick. If you don't use them they build up over the years.
  4. filthpig

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    That's a pretty crappy deal compared to mine. We get 58 hrs to do 1 of 3 things with: 1) Take a week off and get paid for 58 hrs. 2) Get 7 paid days off to be used as sick days 3) sell it and get an extra 58 hrs on your pay check.
  5. brownrodster

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    I don't see how it's a crappy deal.

    We get our normal vacation plus an option week plus a week of option days plus a week of sick days. That's normal vacation plus 3 weeks (15 days) every year.

    so lets say I have 5 weeks of vacation every year. On top of that I would get 3 more weeks from my option week, a week of option days, and a week of sick days. Sounds like an awesome deal to me!
  6. maybrown

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    At my center:
    Vacation weeks depend on the number of years you work. (1 week vacation = 50 hours).
    1 option week : will pay you 50 hours. (required you take the whole week).
    Option days: only 2 days or 16 hours.
    No sick days.
    I don't know why UPS doesn't have the same rule for everyone!
  7. brownmonster

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    Wisconsin regular vacation 45 hours Option week 50 hours, we can start splitting up next year I believe, 2 optional days at 8 hours.
  8. Bad Gas!

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    In Georgia you get 45 hour vacation...58 hour opt week pay or week off..or splitt up into 7 option 3 days...Plus we get one personal holiday(8 hour)...I like the plan Roadster had.....Also, we can work part or all of our vacation weeks but time off is so important to having a long UPS career no matter your job classification..
  9. upsgrunt

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    It's a shame that we actually have to take a decrease in pay to go on vacation. It would be nice to get next years vacations paid at an average of the number of hours you put in this year (weekly).
  10. upsgrunt

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    Why are they dishing out vacation pay 2 weeks early now?
  11. DS

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    when do you find time to work?
    at 18 yrs I get 4 wks and an option week...thats it...
    If our dollar is worth the same as yours,why are we only making $23 an hour at top rate?
    Can we have your union?Ours are just there for show.Anyways,
    I took my weeks optionals as a weeks holiday last year and they screwed everything up with my pay.
    They are doing vac pay early to insure you get your money on time,and its a good idea,I think.
  12. maybrown

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    Hi DS;
    Weak dollar now please go to US to spend your money.
    Can not compare to Canada because you have a good healthcare system ant not to many guns on streets.
  13. Bad Gas!

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    Weak dollar -yes....But healthcare in Canada I here is very poor since it's public...I would like to hear more...Guns-I'd rather everyone have em then just the criminals...No contol please!