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  1. Pawn

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    What are your thoughts on Orion?
  2. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It's one of my favorite constellations.
  3. Catatonic

    Catatonic Nine Lives

    The belt of Orion is another world completely.
  4. upsoldtimer

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    I don't think about it any more than I do Ursa Major and Ursa Minor......
  5. texan

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  6. kingOFchester

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    From what I heard from another center that has ORION, I will not be getting along with him.
  7. Gadfly

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    UPS is installing Orion in Oregon right now. Its currently being installed in our center. One thing I have noticed about it is that it gives the drivers visibility of the UPS time studies. A tool we didn't have before. The plan they have created for my route shows minute by minute when I am expected to make each delivery. Their plan, the company approved plan, doesn't make provision for a 15 minute break in the AM or a 10 minute break in the afternoon. They are telling me to take my breaks and yet their plan doesn't account for the time. I dont believe UPS can legally make such a plan. They may be opening themselves up for litigation on this. I haven't called the Union yet about this, but I will.
  8. Catatonic

    Catatonic Nine Lives

    ​The plan will adjust based on actuals occurring.
  9. tourists24

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    I sure hope mine does soon lol. My ORION setup is disatrous
  10. undies

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    How is Orion for utility drivers? I imagine getting used to another 70 routes will be a pain.
  11. kingOFchester

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    The implementation of Orion is not always what it seems. Centers will tweak it in order to make the Orion numbers. Adding tap pickups to trips that up the miles do to the imaginary tapping of a pickup being miles away, but not actually have the driver make the tap pickup. Changing the start time and or the lunch period time being adjusted. Putting mall trips on Orion so they can reach the percentage of trips that they need to be on Orion. A mall trip will be close to 100% trace do to having the same address for every delivery. There are other ways that centers play games to appease the powers that be that set the requirements.
  12. Gadfly

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    Now I have been on this system for a number of weeks. Its really not ready for prime time.' No left turns' out the window. The 30 inch selection area is out the window. Avoiding residential backing is out the window. None of these concepts are considered as important in the ORION system. The plan is usually mostly unworkable. Garbage in, garbage out. I also have been able to beat the mileage almost daily using my area knowledge. ORION looks like a huge waste of money to me.
  13. worldwide

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    It's just starting to roll out and still in its infancy. Over time it will get better.

    Until it can make adjustments in real time, ORION can only complement, and not replace, the driver's judgment, said UPS' director of process management, Jack Levis, who has been working on ORION since its inception.

    "We do want drivers to override ORION if it doesn't make sense," he said.
  14. does this mean that i will stay in my area, right now at my center they take resi. off of every route and give it too the neighbor route , pretty STUPID, all it does is makes us stay out later, and builds miles...
    I usually go out with 140-145 on my arear, it's been 4 yrs. for that, now i go with 145-155 and 90 mile, and yesterday with 172, 90 miles, and a helper for 1.45 was a 9.9 plan day. Somebody is playing with numbers, and im about to go to the union....
  15. crisjr

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    Orion doesn't care which way you come from, it doesn't care which way you leave , it doesn't care if you have alley deliveries , it doesn't care if you deliver an business stop for 30 years before noon , and now at any random time before 5 PM, it doesn't care you have to move 15 pkgs to get to shelf 7 , it doesn't care if u deliver 8 stops in one block at 11am , and leaves one stop for that same block at 4:30p, , it's only purpose is to agitate the driver , we are now delivery drivers , NOT ,Route Driver's
  16. ugakidd7

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    It's horrible constantly has me only making left hand turns and skipping places then coming back it also wants you to come in on the 100 block of a street and do they 500 block then leave go across to another street down the road then come back and hit the 100-400 block of the street you just previously left. Also counts apts as 1 stop so Orion will say I have 140 and will be done at 430 and actually have more like 190 in the red cause that 1 apt has 40 stops....smh... Should have just installed a GPS and PA system that you could upload EDD to
  17. NinerFaithful

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    Here in Nor cal Orion has been implemented. It has been a nightmare for drivers. Playing musical shelves all day in your truck with the truck having more stops and pieces will never be more productive. However, as you all already know management doesn't listen to anything we say so I guess we're already screwed

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  18. jr32bad

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    Waste of money

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  19. timmae3

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    The ultimate goal of ORION is to eliminate routes and drivers.

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  20. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Well-Known Member

    The ultimate goal of Orion is to more easily replace us during an extended work stoppage.