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    Hi everyone,
    First time poster, long time reader.

    At our building we have two feeder runs. Whenever either of those drivers go on vacation. The company brings drivers from other buildings to pull our trailers. Is there any reason why they wouldnt have people from our building as back up drivers?

    My question is,
    Is there any way it can be greived that members of our local are not doing the work?
    Is there somewhere in the contract where it is mentioned? I have a copy of the book but I am not too familiar with where everything is. I am in the Western Region if that helps.

    I really appreciate your time and any replies!

  2. Been In Brown Too Long

    Been In Brown Too Long How Long Til Retirement?!

    Our building in NorCal has 3 feeder runs and 2 feeder relief positions for a total of 5 feeder drivers. Not sure why your building wouldn't have at least one feeder relief position.
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    If it is accepted past practice, that may be the way it is.

    We have 3 overnight runs and 1 day job. My center has 4 guys qualified to cover vacation. 1 of our guys has covered vacations in 2 or 3 centers in my area, but I believe that was because they did not have a qualified person at those centers.

    If it is work you would like, the only way you are going to find out is to file a grievance.
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    That is what I would like to do. I would be more then willing to do the work. Where in the contract should I look? I have been looking under different articles about bidding jobs, feeder runs etc and I can not find anything.

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    You need to find a feeder steward. He/she will know if it is based on past practice. It could be that a bid for feeder school was hung, no one signed, so it is being covered by the feeder hub.

    We used to have 7 feeder runs in my center, 12ish years ago, 4 runs were moved, but moved as the people doing the runs retired. A guy on the feeder list grieved it, because he wanted a FT feeder gig and lost. The company argued that changing business conditions and blah, blah, blah. The point was, they did not eliminate the jobs, just moved them.

    My daughter is going to school at WSU in Pullman. Going out to visit her in May.
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    Okay I will do that. Thanks for all the help barnyard!!!
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    Your Feeder Dept has it's own negotiated Work Rules that are not part of the Contracts we hand out to every member. Those will cover the extended center runs & vacation coverage etc.
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    In my area we do something similar. I work out of a large hub with 280+ drivers and nearby we have a small center that has 2 feeder runs total. Whenever one of those drivers goes on vacation a driver from my building fills in for them. Not sure if its kosher per the contract to do that or not, but it probably saves the company the time of feeder qualifying another driver when they have so many already qualified drivers 20 min. away.
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    Hmm that is interesting thank you Brett for the information. I haven't thought about it like that before. I think I am going to do some more research into seeing if something like this can be changed or not still.
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    We had the same type of situation .But ours was a feeder run from a small center 160 miles away.Being that the feeder driver was on our board we covered it from our center.this went on for quite a few years.Then when one of the Package drivers decided they wanted to do the work ,they trained him,and now he does the work.
    Also if its covered by a different local then you should have a reason to file.
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    Cool! That's perfect. The thing is what article would I file under? I've been looking in the contract and supplement/riders and I'm lost. Thank you for your help!
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    That is why you need to find a feeder steward for your particular area. It may be under a supplement.